Alia Janine to Rebecca Bardoux: See You in Court, Grandma!!

Alia Janine obviously has issues with Rebecca Bardoux [pictured]. Alia comments on her new twitter account ‏@BestBOOBSInPorn :

– I hope @rebeccabardoux learns today that when u mess with my friends, you mess with me. See u in court GRANDMA!

– But I cant feel sorry for crazy. @rebeccabardoux continues to do the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

– I almost feel sorry for @rebeccabardoux she really doesnt have anything Substantial in her life. Thus why she drinks so much and hates life

– @rebeccabardoux along with her buddy @therubpr are the TRUE definition of a H.A.T.E.R if they werent they wouldnt be/say what/where they are

– @rebeccabardoux is an extremely jealous person. Obvious being in porn this long, w/no man, no life will make u jealous of those doing better

– Hell @rebeccabardoux CRAZY ass may even try to take the man that saved her life and helped to court again for “harassment.” LMFAO!

– @rebeccabardoux really needs to stop drinking, its a serious problem. She may try to kill herself over another man again. #Pathetic #Weak

– Ppl like @rebeccabardoux and @therubpr NEED each other bcuz no one else believes their bullshits but themselves.

– Its been OVER a year but yet @rebeccabardoux continues to stalk and harass my friends. She does hang w/ @therubpr so thats no surprise.

– You know those ppl that constantly tweet how “awesome” their life is when u know for a fact its not. Yeah, @rebeccabardoux is one of those.

– I guess when youre as old as @rebeccabardoux w/no education, no man, and youre still performing in porn, you get crazy. I guess.

– What kind of person (falsely) takes someone to court for a restraining order only to continue to harass them? Well @rebeccabardoux! Duh!

– Looks like @rebeccabardoux has been drinking heavily again! No surprise with a life like hers I’d have to drink too.

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