Amber Lynn Working for Manwin- We Don’t Get It

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According to Steve Nelson of AI News, Amber Lynn hasn’t performed before the cameras since 2008.

The last scene she apparently did was in “The Housewives of Amber Lane” by Wicked Pictures.

But if you follow the porn tube sites, you’d never know Amber was out of the picture because movies of Amber Lynn- and what look like recent ones- can be found all over Manwin-owned sites such as PornHub, and YouPorn or from,

Manwin, as you know are the guys who practically invented free porn in their Luxemburg laboratories. Which means you can find a load of Amber Lynn’s stuff on their websites if you know where and how to look for it.

Granted, in those “Amber Lynn” searches you’ll also come across a crunch of product featuring Amber Lynn Bach. Even so, Bach is a pretty hot Milf substitute, but the point is this, the “other” Amber Lynn is now shooting for Manwin.

And from what Nelson says, she seems pretty happy that she’s doing it.
Except I’m having a problem reconciling an issue or to. Amber Lynn says the following in Nelson’s story:

“I am looking forward to working with them again. I had heard so many things about Brazzers, about Keiran Lee, about Manwin, and all the things that are happening within the Industry…”

If you’re keeping up to date, among the things that are happening in the industry is free porn which is killing the business.

Oh, the irony. Amber Lynn drawing a paycheck from a company that’s been trading off her name for free.

Then, again, you’ll find Ron Jeremy ads plastered all over Manwin-owned tube sites. So which is worse?

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