Andy San Dimas: Her Photographic Memory Makes Up For Her “Crappy Tattoos”; “You Get No Work Just Doing Girls”

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Even though she was out of the boy-girl loop for six months this past year, Andy San Dimas, nevertheless, was nominated for AVN’s Female Performer of the Year. [She’ll be signing with Adam & Eve at the AEE show.]

Tuesday, San Dimas interviewed with St. Louis’ ITD Morning After crew Tim McKernan, Jim Hayes and Doug Vaughn.

San Dimas made the decision this week to go back doing boy-girl scenes. And, in explaining that move, San Dimas commented about Sasha Grey, girls with tattoos in porn and a whole lot more.

She was asked how her day was planned out and if she were shooting, San Dimas said she just had errands to run. Asked if the industry was non-stop partying, San Dimas said that was a misconception.

“We do have early call times and I’m usually waking up at 7 am if I’m shooting.” San Dimas says she’ll be on set anywhere from five hour to 20 hour days.

“[When not on camera] The other time you’re waiting and just sitting around, reading, pretty much killing time.”

San Dimas explains that she’s been shooting a lot of features which require dialogue and knowing your lines.

“I was blessed in that I can read a script twice and know everything,” she says alluding to her photographic memory.

“That’s why I’ve gotten as much work as I have. Because usually someone like me who has a couple of crappy tattoos isn’t going to get very much work; when you’re like a sure thing, people aren’t wasting money by hiring you.”

San Dimas agreed that if you have tats, the chances of you being hired in the business are less.

“There isn’t a whole lot of porn being made specifically for people with tattoos. It seems like there is. For guys it’s different but they don’t want you to be heavily tattooed at all.

“I didn’t know that before I got in. I got all my tattoos when I was 18. I didn’t know I was going to be doing porn. I saw people like Janine and Joanna Angel and I thought you could go in and be heavily tattooed and be a superstar right away. That’s not the way it works.”

It was noted that San Dimas has “Oriole” tats and that being from Baltimore, she’s a fan of the Baltimore Orioles.

Because she’s also nominated for a three-way scene, San Dimas says girl-girl-boy scenes are her favorites to do.

“Honestly they’re way easier to do that one-on-one scenes.”

San Dimas is also up for The Most Outrageous Sex Scene having partnered up with Nacho Vidal. The scene takes place in a garbage can in Nacho Invades America 2.

“That was my idea,” she says.

“I was thinking of something really dirty to do for Nacho because he’s very dirty and he was upset that we weren’t doing anal. I said I would prove to him that I was just as dirty as those girls.”

San Dimas was asked about her personal relationships.

“Honestly? I’m married,” she says.

“I’ve been married since April 6. I stopped doing boy-girl in June and then [Monday] I announced that I’m coming back to do it again.”

San Dimas was asked if her husband was also a performer.

“He’s a musician,” she said, noting that he doesn’t watch her movies.

“I don’t even like to watch my own stuff because you’re your own worst critic and you tear yourself apart,” she laughs, noting that she’s been in 250+ movies.

San Dimas said her husband isn’t thrilled about her decision to go boy-girl again and would be happier if she did something else.

“But at the same time he understands this isn’t about personal sexual preference. I’m not going out and doing certain dudes because I want to do them.”

San Dimas added that you get “no work just doing girls.”

According to San Dimas, people assume that she’s been with “hundreds of dudes” but that isn’t the case, that she works with the same guys over and over again and is friends with a lot of them.

San Dimas was 14 when she first became interested in porn. Mostly because of Teri Weigel.

“I saw her in a movie called Cheerleader Camp. It’s like an Eighties B-horror movie. I thought she was so beautiful,” San Dimas relates.

“I looked her up on the Internet. I just got a computer at 14. I found out she was a hardcore porn star and my mind was just blown. I wrote her an email and she actually replied to me.”

San Dimas laughed because Weigel isn’t good when it comes to punctuation.

“I never thought I would do it [porn]. I actually didn’t do it until I turned 20 just because I was always in a relationship and I didn’t dare bring it up to someone I was with.

“Then one day I was watching a porn movie with one of my ex-boyfriends. We started talking about girl-girl and stuff like that. He wasn’t cool with it at all.”

San Dimas says she likes girls but as far as relationships, she never looked at women like that.

“When I’m off set I’m not with anyone but my husband.”

A caller-in froze talking to her and San Dimas said performers get sent home if they exhibit stage fright.

“That’s why there’s not a lot of guys.”

It was suggested that Viagra could eliminate that. San Dimas disagreed.

“It doesn’t always work,” she observed.

San Dimas was asked if she looked at the example of Sasha Grey getting in mainstream as something she’d like to do.

“I have done some mainstream stuff,” she answers.

“I was briefly in Drive and I got a Screen Actors Guild because of it, but it’s not something I look to do. It’s very hard for her [Grey] to get work, honestly.

“From what I’ve heard it hasn’t been that easy for her. A lot of mainstream people have refused to work with her. It kind of alienates you, and it’s crazy because James Deen is doing so well in mainstream.”

The show hosts thought that San Dimas was much better looking than Sasha Grey.

“I’m much nicer than she is,” declared San Dimas.

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