Angelina Castro: “Anyone who thinks a Cuban wasn’t prepared to get down on her knees in the name of capitalism and the Miami Heat was wrong”

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from – Back in June, we introduced you to Angelina Castro and Sara Jay, two adult film actresses who also happen to be the world’s biggest Miami Heat fans. Well, they made a promise to their several hundred thousand Twitter followers that if the Heat won the NBA Finals, they’d perform oral sex on all of their followers who showed up to a specific location on August 2. That day has since passed, and a few readers asked me, “Hey Burnsy, we know you only date Perfect 10 models, but did this event actually happen?”

You bet your Adult Friend Finder membership it did.

After clearing legal hurdles from the NBA, the #TeamBJ Twitter live event went off without a hitch, according to the girls. So well in fact, that the streaming crashed the company servers.

The exact amount of participants will be revealed in a DVD set to be released later this year that will include BTS footage of the drama behind the event.

One of the participants, Cody, said, “Meeting Sara Jay, who is one of my top five favorite adult film stars of all time and Angelina Castro who I can never stop watching… is so worth every second of it.

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything even if I knew that there would be keyboard warriors out there trolling about me. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. Sara Jay and Angelina Castro made it so much easier on all of us they treated us like we were people they knew for a long time.” (Via XBiz Newswire)

Added “Cody”: “Dude, I’m serious, I think they really like me. I don’t know if I could date a porn star, but they were totally into me. They told me to come see them the next time they perform, and I have to pay a cover, but it’s not their rules, otherwise they’d totally let me in for free.”

Talk about weaksauce, though, way to hide all the details from us. I know there were rules and whatnot in place before this thing went down, but they could at least tell us how many dudes showed up so I can gauge a percentage of the population that should be stricken with a plague.

Ultimately, this was about two proud women who set out to do something and prove that their word is good as gold. This is less about dozens of dongs than it is two reputations.

Jay commented, “No one thought we would do even one BJ for our twitter followers. I am glad we proved all the doubters wrong. We didn’t come close to breaking the world record for oral sex in a day but maybe next time now that people know #TeamBJ isn’t a joke.”

She added, “I was inundated with tweets afterwards saying ‘I didn’t know you guys weren’t full of it.’ I was shocked how many people were trying to watch the live show.”

Castro said, “Anyone who thinks a Cuban wasn’t prepared to get down on her knees in the name of capitalism and the Miami Heat was wrong. Thanks to all the fans on Twitter who supported the event and made it so much fun.”

Again, I’m not sure who the hell would want to pay to watch this – let alone attend and participate – but good for these two women and good for the Miami Heat. It’s important that the little guys (and gals) fight back in the face of David Stern’s tyranny and show they won’t take this lying down. They’ll take it on their faces and chests, but not lying down.

Anyway, if you’re still curious about how this thing went down and what kind of guys showed up, I went through Castro’s and Jay’s Twitter profiles, and sure enough – they posted a few photos. Consider them NSFW.

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