Another Proud Playboy Moment: Former Playmates Plead No Contest to Disorderly Charges

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ELYRIA, Ohio — from – Strippers and former Playboy Playmates Vicki and Sarah Satterfield [two-thirds of triplets] agreed to plead no contest Monday to persistent disorderly conduct charges for a November brawl at the Brass Pole in Carlisle Township.

The plea deal — which the sisters left Elyria Municipal Court without signing Monday — calls for them each to pay $100 in fines, attend anger management and have no contact with the Brass Pole or manager Melissa Anderson for three years, according to court records.

The Satterfields were originally charged with assault in the case.

“The victim was satisfied so I think it was a good resolution,” Michelle Nedwick, a city prosecutor, said of the pleas.

But Nedwick and attorneys for the two women all said that the sisters still need to sign the paperwork before the plea deal technically takes effect. They all said they expected the Satterfields to follow through with the agreement.

Vicki Satterfield said last year that the fight, which broke out at “80s Nite,” started because other strippers were upset with her wardrobe choice.

A Lorain County Sheriff’s report on the incident said that surveillance video from the club showed Vicki Satterfield starting the fight around 2:20 a.m. Nov. 3. The two women began throwing things at each other before “the altercation then turned physical with at least six dancers, all of which appeared to by mutual combatants,” the report said.

Anderson told deputies that she tried to remove an irate Vicki Satterfield from the club after she began throwing beer bottles and other items at the wall. After she escorted the women out of the club, the pair attacked her, Anderson reported.

The Satterfields have insisted that they were defending themselves.

Back story November 6, 2012: Two thirds of a Playboy triplets trio smiled for a different kind of photographer this weekend after being arrested for their role in an Ohio strip club brawl.

According to NewsNet5, police arrested Vicki and Sarah Satterfield of Elyria after reviewing footage from the Brass Pole club. The fight appeared to have started in the club’s dressing room.

According to police reports obtained by CBS Cleveland, Vicki Satterfield and another women started throwing things at each other and the fight quickly escalated in an “altercation that turned physical between at least six dancers.”

Police say that Vicki Satterfield started throwing beer bottles at the bar after she and Sarah Satterfield were separated from the other strippers in the dressing room. Both appeared very intoxicated, according to CBS Cleveland.

Despite surveillance video, the sisters tell the story differently. In a 911 tape obtained by Fox 8 News, Sarah Satterfield says she was the victim.

“A lot of girls attacked us and ripped all of our hair out and stuff, and we can’t find our cell phone or anything, and all of the girls like laughed and just thought it was funny that people attacked us,” Sarah Satterfield said. “They pulled the hair out if my head, and I was attacked by five girls in the dressing room.”

Although the girls stopped working at the Brass Pole a few months ago, they said management asked them to come back. According to The Chronicle-Telegram, Vicki Satterfield said she thought the fight started over her clothing choice for ’80s Nite at the club.

“All the other girls wore aerobics clothes, and we were dressed glamorous, like Madonna,” she said. “I don’t think they liked our attire.”

Police said video also shows the two sisters attacking the club manager Melissa Anderson when she tried to throw them out, according to NewsNet5. When Vicki Satterfield was told she was under arrest for assaulting Anderson, she reportedly began cursing at officers.

Vicki, Sarah and their sister Rachel Satterfield posed nude for a six-page pictorial featured in Playboy’s August 2007 magazine. According to The Chronicle-Telegram, the sisters were discovered after sending their picture to Hugh Hefner.

“It was a dream come true,” Vicki Satterfield said at the time. “We’re not shy, and it was something each of us have wanted to do since I can remember.”

Both Vicki and Sarah Satterfield were charged with assault but pleaded not guilty, Fox 8 reports. They’re due in court on Dec. 13.

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