“Assemblyman Mike Gatto resorts to Smearing and Lying in Desperation Bid for Reelection”

Apparently Diane Duke has found the perfect ally in Assemblyman Mike Gatto. When AB 332 went down in flames Friday, Isadore Hall, sponsor of the bill had this to say about Gatto, “At this point, one thing is clear. Assembly member Mike Gatto has put porn profits above the need to protect workers in California. He gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘money shot’.”

Hall’s meaning suggests, at least to me, that Gatto was either in someone’s pocket or that he was receiving sexual favors.

Gatto, when he was running for his seat against Republican Greg Krikorian, was accused of lying and smear tactics in his campaign.

www.mayorsam.blogspot.com reported: Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto is in the biggest struggle of his young political career against Glendale School Board Member Greg Krikorian, a he seeks reelection in the 43rd Assembly District.

In a sure sign of desperation, the Silver Lake Infant Assemblyman has gone big time negative, with this smear mailer above. We should note that the baseless attacks made in the mailer, first appeared at this Gatto Truther astro-turf blog. Sadly, that is normal political behavior for the Infant Assemblyman.

Just how desperate is the Infant Assemblyman to get reelected? Little Mikey apparently used some of his Special Interest money to by himself a spot on a supposed Republican Slate Mailer pictured above.

(** BTW, note that the mailer supports Prop 30 which would raise taxes and is against anti-union Prop 32). Noting this, any Republican should be able to ascertain that the Infant Assemblyman is lying, when a bogus slate mailer asserts that he is the “Republican choice” for the 43rd Assembly District.

The blatant attempt by the Infant Assemblyman to cast himself as a Republican, has garnered national media attention via Breitbart.com

As noted by the Jewish Journal and denounced by the Los Angeles Democratic Party, it appears that the Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s proclivities for creating repugnant, misleading mailers, is not limited to his own reelection campaign.

Republican or Democratic foe alike, the Infant Assemblyman and his former boss Congressman Brad Sherman, will gladly hit low on their respective opponents. The question here for 43rd AD voters (and in extension 30 Congressional District voters), is whether someone who smears, lies and allegedly targets gender and ethnic groups in a repudiated mailer, is fit to continue representing their interests in Sacramento?


After that article appeared, someone blogged this comment: Anonymous said:

All snarky comments aside, Mike Gatto is the most dishonest politician these parts have ever seen. It will be an injustice to American Democracy, if Gatto ever reaches a total of 10 years in elective office (any office).

Let’s hope Gatto’s contribution, as a public official, only lasts as long as Dario Frommer’s whopping six years. Now Dario flounders in obscurity…cashing-in on his “public service.” We’ll be happy to see Gatto do the same. The sooner, the better.

One question: Why is Gatto even running a campaign? Didn’t he win in a landslide two years ago? Oh, I know why. Voters in Gatto’s district have caught-on as to what a douche bag Gatto is; how he is not a policy wonk, but a perpetual punk…and, of course his opponent is a genuine public servant.

Whatever happens on November 6….Gatto will look like the limped-d–ked dork that he is.

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