At the AEE This Week: Will a New Gadget for Men Make Women Obsolete?

Unless it’s got a big mouth, it can’t replace a woman.

Should women be worried about a new high-tech toy for men?

In her book L’amore Ai Tempi Del Globale (Love in Global Times), Tiziana Nenezic [pictured] entertained that thought when she wrote, “Needless to say, my dear girls, that if RealTouch learns how to make tagliatelle, we are through!”

The RealTouch she refers to is a new technologically advanced personal device for men that provides the authentic sexual experience they desire when a partner, for whatever reason, isn’t available.

If the response from early adopters is an indication, Nenezic may be on to something. As one man commented on a message board, “Finally an app for that. Teach this thing to cook and my wife is out the door. Gives new meaning to the term ‘plug and play’!”

While pleasure products for women are commonplace, RealTouch is earning praise as one of the hottest new intimate product introductions and it’s one of the few devices developed specifically for men (though applications for couples are in development).

“My God. This is groundbreaking,” wrote Melissa Noble, author of the Love Buzz blog on “There may never be a reason for men to leave their computers. The RealTouch doesn’t judge, nag, or reject. It just diligently pleases.”

The device, developed on sophisticated haptic technology, integrates the sense of touch with online video-on-demand. It was designed by a former NASA affiliated engineer and is marketed by AEBN, one of the world’s largest online VOD companies. It’s on display this week at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo (Booth #2031) at the Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention Center.

But is it a threat to women? “Possibly,” says AEBN CEO Scott Coffman. “On the other hand, it could be a relationship saver. If guys like Tiger Woods, Mark Sanford and Eliot Spitzer had a RealTouch, their marriages might not be in such turmoil today.”

Who: Members of the RealTouch development team including the product manager and director of haptic encoding, as well as Mr. Coffman on a limited basis will be available for interview.

When: January 7-10

Where: Adult Entertainment Expo AEBN/RealTouch Booth #203, Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention Center

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