Baptized In Blood 2

New Jack vs. Dynamite D
Vic Grimes vs. Kraq
(barbed wire, bed of nails)
Johnny Webb vs. Nosawa
(barbed wire, ladder, thumbtacks)
Homeless Jimmy vs. John Kronus
(broken glass, light bulbs, light tubes)
Supreme vs. Steve Rizzono vs. Pogo the Clown
Juventud Guerrera vs. Kid Kaos
Supreme vs. Johnny Webb
(barbed wire, bed of nails, thumbtacks)
Vic Grimes vs. Homeless Jimmy
(barbed wire, broken glass, light bulbs)
Messiah vs. Tool
Vic Grimes vs. Supreme
(barbed wire, broken glass, ladders, light tubes, thumbtacks)
(Grimes wins the King of the Death Match Tournament 2001)
Messiah vs. Vic Grimes


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