Bar Owner Buys a Ghost Town and Re-names it Bikinis

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Bikinis, Texas – from – Doug Guller, the man responsible for creating the bar/restaurant combo Bikinis, recently purchased a ghost town from Craigslist in hopes of transforming the once-abandoned location into a popular tourist destination. In order to lure potential vacationers to the out-of-the-way locale, Guller has changed the town’s name from Bankersmith to Bikinis. That’s definitely a way to raise some interest, so to speak.

“Bikinis, Texas, will be a world-class destination, and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership,” Guller explained.

“There can’t be a better way to put Bikinis on the map, literally.” Hey, at least the man has a dream.

Bankersmith, which was established in 1913, was once a railroad stop between the towns of Fredericksburg and Comfort, though the area slowly dried up when people stopped using the Northern Railroad. The town took its original moniker from Temple Doswell Smith, a banker who poured quite a bit of cash into the railroad’s construction.

In 1949, there were only 20 residents remaining in Bankersmith. Guller, of course, hopes to turn that around.

How much money did the Bikinis owner spend on Bankersmith? He’s not saying. However, he is anxious to talk about what he has in store for the area, which includes a number of different activities and events.

In fact, one is already scheduled to take place this fall. Not surprisingly, you can expect to see one of the restauranteur’s scantily-clad eateries in the town before long. After all, you can’t call the place Bikinis if there aren’t any bikinis to speak of. That would just be silly.

Dan Rogers, president and CEO of the Kendall County Economic Development Corp, hopes that Guller’s endeavor brings folks to nearby Boerne, as well.

“It’s another day trip for folks who like to hang out in Boerne,” Rogers explained. “Anything that comes alive like this will certainly be a great opportunity to bring more tourists to Kendall County.”

Unfamiliar with the aforementioned restaurant? Bikinis, which opened its doors in 2001, is a little place where folks can eat food served to them by women wearing next to nothing. If the idea of having a half-naked young woman place delicious dishes on your table sounds like tons of fun, then you should definitely stop by one of the restaurant’s locations. Don’t have a Bikinis Bar & Grill in your area? There’s no need to worry — the United States has several different “breastaurants” to choose from at the moment.

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