Barstool Sports writes about PWL sale

In 2011 “Adult Industry Medical” got hacked & had a privacy breach that released the private, personal data of over 12,000 porn performers. Cue the PornWikiLeaks site where they were all then doxxed & had their info publicly posted… Really gross, shady stuff.

It’s not really surprising, but apparently the site was a bastion for hateful, creepy neckbeards who loved posting threatening, terrible things, so it had to be a scary, sick feeling to know your info was out in the open for them, and anyone, to see. This isn’t something that even needs to be said because it should go without saying, but porn stars deserve privacy in their personal lives, too.

Written by angry feminist.

The forum didn’t threaten anyone (Except when performers came to the site and threatened the members).

These “news” sites keep talking about AIM in 2011 but most of the new info posted was in the public domain way before it appeared on PWL. This is what happens when you choose a very public profession.


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