Bill Margold: I’ll Stand Up for Mr. Marcus; Diane Duke Has to Go

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Unpopular as his position may be, Bill Margold is championing Mr. Marcus.

Marcus has been square in the gun sights of Mike South, and this week former performer Nick East went public with his comments.

“This is a bad thing,” states Margold.

“There’s a very good chance that Marcus is a victim of his own misunderstanding. That doctor who told him about the ten-day thing? I don’t think that was clear enough.”

[As the press is reporting it, Marcus said that he only altered the test because his doctor told him he would not be contagious 10 days after taking a shot of penicillin.]

I’d have to agree with Margold to some extent because I’ve been trolling medical sites and I can’t find two doctors who concur on the treatment of Syphilis.

In fact, Keith Crawford, Associate Chief for Public Health Research at Walter Reed and a PhD with extensive experience in STD research, says that a patient normally undergoes a three-week long regiment that includes a penicillin shot per week. That’s something we haven’t heard from APHSS.

“Marcus is caught up in this blender of opinion,” concludes Margold.

“The guilty party here is Diane Duke. Duke’s gotta go.”

Regarding Nick East’s opinions, Margold calls East “a penny aspiring to be a half-dollar.”

Margold hastens to point out that East was booted off of the We Are The World benefit shoot for Ron Sullivan for reasons I still haven’t fathomed.

“He came in looking for trouble- he’s a pontificator and a blowhard,” Margold says.

According to Margold, “Marcus is not going to be burned at the stake” regardless of the number of cigarette lighters laying in wait.

“It ain’t gonna happen. I told Marcus I’ll stand up for him. I think this guy is the victim of a number of idiotic confusions when it comes to the damned disease he had. And do we have proof he transmitted it to anybody?”

“I’m really torn by all this,” Margold continues. “But to call him a prick?” [Mike South’s words.]

“What a crock of shit. I’ve seen this guy with women- he is so cool and so suave. Marcus really is a legend, and he’s a genuinely good human being. We can’t sacrifice Mr. Marcus. He has a presence in the history of this business.”

Margold has invited Marcus to be a part of PAW’s Bare Bowling next weekend.

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