Bill Margold: Let Dirty Bob Stay in Ohio to Spin Like a Top in Tedium

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Tell you the truth, if I were reading Dirty Bob’s cards, which I’m not, I’d say he’s not going anywhere as far as the XRCO is concerned.

Steve Nelson, who’s hardly what you describe as a political animal in this business or a psychic, today suggested that time was ripe for a change at the top, and that Tod Hunter might be the General Custer to head the beleagured critics’ organization last charge.

[With the way the DVD business is going, there’s nothing left to critique or charge.]

Nelson may have been agreeing with Bill Margold, one of the organization’s founding members, who said it was time for the West Coast to take back control of the XRCO.

Dirty Bob obviously didn’t like what Margold had to say and countered with a few dexterous swipes of his own.

As Nelson was composing his sonnet to the wilting rose that is Dirty Bob and XRCO, Margold was adding a few postscripts about how Dirty Bob’s wrapping himself in the “cloak of sanctimonious piety”.

Using Margold’s words against him, Bob decided to tear into Margold with a stern lecture and strong rebuke. The subjects ranged from Margold’s lack of understanding about current XRCO economics to the Les Miserables finale about how Bob would have to take out two grand against his home equity loan to foot the bill for expenses if sponsorship money was returned to .XXX domains.

“What does Dirty Bob want?” asks a befuddled Margold.

“Maybe it’s sainthood. St. Dirty Bob, c’mon on.”

Margold was also amused that Dirty Bob took umbrage to the suggestion that the XRCO has now become this clandestine, fez-wearing good ‘ol boys network that practices secret handshakes and mutual salad tossing.

“He took that way too personally so probably he’s squirming right now and needs some Preparation H,” laughs Margold.

Contrary to what Dirty Bob believes or doesn’t, Margold has nothing against .XXX domains, but the worst aspect, says Margold, is that no one goes into the XRCO Hall of Fame any more without the blessing of AVN. Or at least that’s what Margold’s been led to believe.

“You call that not selling out? Dirty Bob writes for AVN. That is the quintessential sellout. You think if I or [Jim] Holliday were in charge and someone told us what to do, we’d do it?”

Equally amusing, says Margold is Dirty Bob’s argument that director Miles Long belongs in the XRCO Hall of Fame because AVN inducted him in January.

“That is the least justification in the world for putting someone in the XRCO,” states Margold.

“AVN puts people in now like ju ju bees. They ladle people in. And Dirty Bob’s also defending Den as the most beloved adult reviewer of all time? I don’t think so. And it’s now 26,000 reviews the guy did. What is he, McDonalds?

“It was 25,000 reviews last week. Just because he dies, now he’s the most beloved? What a crock of shit. Utterly insane. The guy did not review. He compilated. So did the guy who did The Blue Book. So did Bill Cates.

“I’ve got many more sincere erotic cinematologists than whoever this Den was. He wrote stuff like, ‘So and so was an unknown black man.’ That’s not a reviewer. A reviewer takes his own life and writes it into whatever he’s dealing with and there contrasts from the soul.”

As if he were making self-styled improvements to the XRCO Hall of Fame, Dirty Bob in his screed also points out that over several years there were no inductions as if to suggest it was a deplorable condition that should have been changed.

“That tells you he doesn’t understand the Hall of Fame,” Margold argues.

“Do you think Baseball’s obligated to put in anybody if they don’t want to? Is Pro Football obligated? You make it special if you make it less. There are nine people going in this year, and nine is way too many. Which goes back to the whole Belladonna situation which I’m glad Dirty Bob dragged into it.

“What I told Belladonna was not meant as an insult. I think she’s spectacular and she’ll be around for 8 or 10 years to be inducted when she should be.”

But if you’re looking for a cause celebre, what rankles Margold probably the most, was Dirty Bob’s refusal to accept Tony Montana into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

“Tony Montana didn’t go in because Dirty Bob told me that nobody liked him. How could he make that blanket statement about Tony Montana? That’s a stupid statement. If you had seen Tony in Las Vegas when I put him in Legends of Erotica he held that audience in his hands and they were howling.

“In fact I’d like to have him as host of the XRCO but not with Dirty Bob around. And I’m not getting rid of Bob. I’m leaving him in Ohio where he belongs, spinning like a top in tedium.”

On a final note, Margold explains that he gave Dirty Bob the chairmanship of XRCO even though Dirty Bob insists it’s not his to take back.

“Well, yes it is,” says Margold who, of the five original founders, is the only one who remains in place by attrition.

“And I was stupid enough to believe that when Holliday didn’t want it for the time being, I could give it to Bob and get it back. That was part of the conversation, by the way, and he absolutely agreed that he would give it back. But then when I came to get it, he refused because it keeps him in the limelight.”

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