Birthday Night at Karaoke

BURBANK, CA – It was birthday night at porn star karaoke, Tuesday evening at Sardos Restaurant and Bar in Burbank. AriaXXX, Cytherea, Johnny Guitar [KSEX sales], Chris Rick [KSEX general manager], Konnie of and Seymour [Sardos Club Owner], were all celebrating their special day. Scattered other fans in attendance also claimed to be celebrating birthdays and you guessed it, Happy Birthday was the most chosen karaoke song to sing throughout the night.
The mood was a little off as the evening began, many adult stars missing in action, probably home nursing hang overs from their recent party session in Tampa Bay. The crowd still packed in though and a few brand new faces stopped by to hang out, including Holly Hollywood, Alexandra Silk and Luc Wilder.

Jimmy Mofo of brought prizes to give away and all the stars celebrating birthdays were treated to some home made well produced audio, accompanied by a spanking in front of the crowd.

A little tension brewed between “Leo” and AriaXXX. After much parking lot discussion, the two seemed to mend whatever problems they had between them. Leo, who wasn’t having a good night, also emitted a little tension with the folks from Daisy threw him and Billy Banks out of the studio last Thursday after they showed up uninvited. KSEX has a strict invitation only policy in place now as too many people were just stopping by, cluttering the offices and distracting the radio shows. Leo sulked most of the evening and avoided contact with the KSEX staff.

Hollywood arrived with producers from Playboy television’s show Spice Clips. While saying hello outside to a few of her friends, one of the producers stern faced, demanded she come inside. “Lets go,” he said while motioning with his index finger.

“Is that her suit case pimp?” someone in the crowd asked. Another party-goer said, “Damn, Kaylynn got rid of her asshole and Holly picked one up for herself.”

As seems to be the story lately, Sardos had a line out front for most of the evening. Adult folks on the VIP list didn’t have to wait, but some fans stood out front for hours at a time, waiting to get in and see porn stars sing.



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