Brandy Aniston Takes on Wicked Witch Role in ‘Not the Wizard of Oz’

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VENICE, CA – Will Ryder, the multi award-winning director who played the pivotal role in reviving the parody in adult movies is at it again, this time shooting Not the Wizard of Oz XXX over the weekend. For the key role of the Wicked Witch he tapped a performer who has some awards herself: Brandy Aniston.

Last week the X-Rated Critics Organization announced her nomination for Unsung Siren at the 2013 XRCO Awards and put up one of her best movies, Breaking Bad XXX, for Best Parody (Drama). Since the new year she has been on a roll with some big movies, but the character she found most challenging was that of the Wicked Witch.

“The shoot was incredible the most challenging role of my career,” she says.

“I bring out my best witch voice and cackle. It’s hard on my voice, but it’s such a fun role. I prepared by watching the original movie and playing special attention to the real Wicked Witch’s mannerisms. I also drank a lot of tea with honey, because the voice is hard on my throat.”

Acclaimed director Will Ryder had nothing but praise to lavish upon the rapidly rising star’s performance.

“This will be the most entertaining adult movie of the year and I needed the perfect actress to play our Wicked Witch and I found her when Brandy walked into my office,” Ryder roared.

“Brandy was painted from head to toe in green and she was an amazing site to behold.”

X-Play is set to release the movie along with a one of a kind soundtrack in preparation for the 75th anniversary mega-celebration of MGM’s The Wizard of Oz and also is perfectly set up with a release of a brand new Hollywood prequel Oz The Great and Powerful.

On Monday, Feb. 18, Brandy will be doing a live show on Streamate for The show starts at 1 pm PST. She’s also starring in a feature for director Stuart Canterbury who is shooting for Hustler. She’ll be performing a girl/girl in the title.

Details about the location of the 29th annual XRCO Awards will be announced soon on

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