Brazilian Webmaster Gets Arrested

from a link on GFY comes this story and comments:

pornpf69 posts the following:

Brazilian Webmaster got arrested for promoting the following sponsors
the brazilian police claims that he was promoting CHILD PORN and gave the links to FREE HOSTED GALLERIES from the following sponsors as the cause for him to be arrested:

here is the link to the news that was the local news:…&codigo=444263

I personally don’t know the guy… all I know is what his friend told me on ADX… so I am posting here because he claims that he tried to contact those sponsors and was not able to get any answer…

I know that those sponsors don’t have CP… but the webmaster needs to prove that to the brazilian police…

here is the email for the friend of the guy who was arrested: roberto(AT)

one of the things that is said on the news is that he didn’t have CP on his site, but the links he had on his site SUGGESTED that the links would lead to TEEN EROTICA (or teen porn)

Os nomes nos links todos sugeriam que a atração ali eram adolescentes em imagens eróticas.
it is most likely that the guy ran a TEEN SITE… and the stupid cops thought that the TEEN links on his site were child porn (as if 18 and 19 were not teens anymore)…

BTW: he had the 2257 link on the bottom of his site -> (this is one example of the info he had on his site)

I can post his url but the site was taken down by brazilian police ->

these are some of his other sites:

> Dirty Dane says: Well, that also depends on the laws… and law enforcement. If the country has no “2257” or similar requirements, you can’t really be charged for not having it. Then, you would also expect that law enforcement did their homework before waisting everyones time. From what I read above, it sounds like the police misunderstood and then just arrested him.

> Will 76 writes:right you wont be charged for not having “2257” if they don’t have a law on the books for it, but the problem isn’t getting a 2257 violation, its getting arressted for cp and not having age docs on file to prove your innocence. If they don’t require 2257 type laws and the individual then decides not to carry age docs because he feels its not required, if he gets accused of cp he is screwed since he cant prove it.

The above situation is for a primary producer, what if you are an affiliate and the company says they have 2257 (age docs) but their country doesn’t require it so they basically lie to you and just say they have it, then you get arrested for cp, try to contact that company for help and they say “opps”.

BTW, in some countries people get killed for missunderstandings by the police

Pornlaw comments: This is where third party record keeping could help out. If the program doesnt want to give out the docs, fine. Store them with the third party record keeper and they should only be released to the affiliate in case of emergency and or inspection depending on where the affiliate is located.

At least the affiliate knows that they records are there and they do not need to depend on a program to access them if there is a problem. just got contacted by a webmaster in Brazil over this very issue Apparently things are getting hot in Brazil over docs and CP.

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