Bret Easton Ellis Eyes James Deen for Noir He’s Writing for Paul Schrader

from – The headline pretty much says it all.

“James Deen [pictured center] is my first choice to play Christian or Ryan in LA noir micro budget Paul Schrader movie [right] I’m writing. Nudity and acting a must…,” Bret Easton Ellis [left] tweeted Sunday night (via The Playlist).

Ellis penned the brilliant “American Psycho,” one the most hilariously, savagely biting critiques of America in the ’80s (which was turned into a fantastic film featuring Christian Bale’s break-out performance as a sadistic killer yuppie). Schrader is one of cinema’s true geniuses, a man who is somehow unknown outside the film-nerd community, and whose command of violence would dovetail nicely with Eliss’ best work.

And Deen, well, to hear Wikipedia tell it, is a 25-year-old porn star who specializes in “‘female-friendly’ pornography” and has cultivated via social media a large fan base of teenage girls. Why these three haven’t worked together before is anyone’s guess.

Honestly, this sounds like a cry for attention from BEE, but, hey, he’s earned a bit of petulance.

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