Britney Amber Likes Bestiality: Horses, dogs, chickens; Yes, You Read that Right

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Britney Amber sounds like she’d be a load of fun at a rum and cola party which is how her interview sounded when she paid a return visit to the Two White Guys podcast with hosts Jason Horton and Josh Mattlingly.

Britney explained that she was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks from a surgery. From the way it sounds, she had a staph infection in her butt. She explained that she can’t sit on her ass for any length of time and has been confined to her “shitty little apartment.”

“I haven’t had sex three weeks,” she revealed. “I’m really lonely I just broke up with my boyfriend.” It was a ten-month relationship.

Amber explained that to while away the time, she recently got Netflix and her favorite past time right now is getting stoned and watching episodes of Lost. She’s into season 3 and has been hooked watching episodes until 5 in the morning.

Amber also talked about having anxiety, particularly with interviews. Her big movie right now is Barb Wire XXX: A DreamZone Parody.

Before getting into porn, Amber was a hotel auditor working the night shift, 11pm to 7 am.

“That fucking killed me,” she said. On that shift she became a big fan of late night TV particularly HBO’s The Cathouse series. She said she enjoyed watching women running around with vibrators.

“How do I get in on this?” she thought. At the time she was married but that wasn’t much of a consideration since the marriage was practically over.

She then began communicating with people via My Space and ended up at The Bunny Ranch.

“I loved it,” she said. “I made so much money. I was all about it. It was awesome. And since our marriage was already falling apart, I was doing it to become independent.”

Amber explained that she got married because she had become pregnant. She has an eight year-old daughter by that marriage and will probably explain her career once her daughter becomes interested in the Internet.

Another problem Amber had with her marriage is that she and her former husband rarely had sex.

“We’d go a month, a month a half not having it.”

After having watched the show and enjoyed it from afar, Amber wound up on the 3rd season of Cathouse at a time when she had no boobs and a different look, but she says more people recognize her from that show than they do from porn.

Amber says she and her family really never got along, her sister, in particular, didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

“I didn’t care what they thought about me,” Amber says. “I didn’t have a good relationship with them.”

Amber explained that she worked at The Bunny Ranch a week or ten days out of the month. When she wasn’t entertaining a client there wasn’t much else to do except watch TV and be online.

Though she wound up working at The Bunny Ranch for 3 ½ years, Amber explained how the first few times were traumatizing because the other women were quite practiced at flirting with the customers. Because she always wanted to do porn anyway, Amber had the opportunity of meeting a woman who was in the business, and asked her a lot of questions. Her first porn movie was relatively simple.

“It was a POV blowjob thing,” she said. But her agent at the time connived her into other jobs she didn’t want to take.

Amber who grew up in Belmont, California explains that she lost her virginity at the age of 14. She was chubby [“my weight fluctuates”] and wasn’t considered particularly attractive. She approached the boy.

Amber estimates that she’s done over 400 porn scenes by now. Asked about the ex-boyfriend and if he was jealous that she was in the business, Amber explained that he was afflicted with petty jealousy and didn’t like her talking with other guys.

“He was super skinny with tattoos- but we always had a lot of fun together, though he wasn’t much of my type,” she states.

“If we were out together he hated me talking to other guys. It was so ridiculous. I was tired of it.”

On one occasion Amber said they out at a club, and even though she was looking crappy, she started flirting with a black guy.

“I asked him if his dick was bigger than mine.” Amber’s boyfriend overheard the conversation and said he never wanted to talk to her again because she was disgusting.

“He stormed out and wouldn’t talk to me.”

On second thought Amber conceded that he did sound a bit crazy at that.

Amber has appeared in a lot of parody films and even co-produced one of her own, a Blair Witch Project parody. She was also in a Saw parody and was asked if the puppet fucked her.

Her favorite sex position, she says, is cowgirl anal. She does anal in her personal life but has yet to do it on camera, and her hope is to win an AVN award or two for Barb Wire.

Amber was asked about a photo that was taken of her in front of Charlie Sheen’s house and whether she was one of Charlie’s goddesses.

She explained that she was hired by Brazzers to do it as a publicity stunt. Amber had a package for Sheen that someone at the gate took, but she never got to meet Sheen, personally, though she claims she’s talked to some girls who have fucked him.

Asked what she likes in a guy, Amber said she hates men who are domineering and wants a relationship that’s evenly divided

“I don’t want to be controlled,” she says.

She also explained that the competition posed by free porn results in her not working as much and that her website, isn’t doing very well because of it.

She was also very candid about her love for bestiality porn.

“I like crazy things in that direction,” she said, “Especially horse and dog porn. I also like DP’s.” The craziest thing she’s seen is sex involving a chicken.

From what she was saying, it was assumed that Amber’s a sex addict.

“Aside from being sexually deprived, my ex boyfriends had no sex drives,” she confides, noting that she could be a sex addict if the person she was with, was one. Asked if guys hit on her a lot, Amber said, “Not every single guy, but a lot.”

She explained how at a bar a couple of weeks ago, a group of college guys sent a girlfriend over as an intermediary because they recognized her.

Amber said that in her relationship she always made it a policy to never talk about work though she had another ex who worked in the porn industry.

“He’s moving to Tennessee,” she said.

Amber explained that she left her first porn agent because he was never honest with her. And that’s one of the reasons why she’d never do another bukkake.

“My agent lied to me. He told me I would be doing a scene with him.” Next thing she knew, she was in a roomful of 30 guys and was told that there had been a change of plan. Amber was also told that if she didn’t do the scene, the word would get out that she was difficult.

“I didn’t know about getting cum in your eyes,” she said. “My eyes were so swollen and hurt so bad. I felt like shit and I was crying in the shower.”

On a couple of other occasions, Amber said she was tricked into doing interracial scenes and for that she left her agent.

Asked if she would do an Ecuadorian man, Amber replied, “What does that mean?”

She’s also had celebrity sex, and Amber talked about how Adam DeMamp from The Workaholics show has a small dick.

“I like 9-inches,” she said. “That’s my favorite. At the Bunny Ranch I had every kind of cock you could think of.”

Amber also explained how she landed the Barb Wire role. She’s asked if she ever had to suck dick to get a part. She said no.

“I never did that to get a role. For Barb Wire it was between me, and a couple of other girls.”

She described how she had to put together a costume to audition. It was two months before she heard anything. “But it was awesome.”

Amber explained that it’s a sequel of the original movie and that she plays a bounty hunter paid to bring a girl back to her parents.

[Frankly I got a headache trying to follow the plot line as she explained it. I think I’m going to run a verbatim explanation of it in another post just for laughs.]

Asked if there’s a point where she draws the line, sexually, Amber explained that most everything she does on screen is “very vanilla.”

“I don’t do anything crazy. As time goes on, I’m going to do more stuff.”

She mentions that she’ll orgasm particularly if she’s doing cowgirl for a couple of minutes.

“And it depends who I’m working with,” she adds. “And I always cum with toys.”

Her opinion on the condom law is that, “Nobody’s happy about that; I’m sure it’s not big of a deal yet.” Her worry, she says, is making enough money and getting enough work. But she wouldn’t mind condoms if she got enough work.

If not doing porn, Amber said she’d probably be “A personal trainer, maybe; I like dancing.”

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