Carrie Prejean warns women: Don’t make sex tapes because you may get famous

from – Carrie Prejean stopped by “The View” on Tuesday to explain why she sold a tape of herself masturbating and to go into more depth on her new book: “Still Standing.”

Prejean explained that the solo sex tape she made at at age 17 was the “biggest mistake” of her life.

She offered this advice to other young girls thinking of following in her handprints.

“In my book, I talk about how young women all the time are doing this and nothing is private any more — nothing is private. And you know when you’re young and you think: I’ll never be famous, I’ll never be a celebrity — think you will.”

Prejean then praised her personal decision to go public about the self-pleasuring video. “It’s embarrassing even talking about this right now,” said the former topless model/Fox News poster child. “I’ve been on national TV discussing the worst mistake of my life. I mean, how many people are comfortable doing that?”

When Barbara Walters reminded her that she also had monetary reasons — “But you did it also because you have a book out” — Prejean admitted that was true but then got back on topic with claims of religious discrimination for her gay-marriage views.

What do you think of Carrie Prejean now? Has your opinion of this young woman changed since the sex-tape news? Can we believe anything she says?

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