Charlie Gasparino Has Become the Adult Industry’s Best Friend

Maybe an indication of just how much people in the adult business dislike Manwin is the fact that Fox Business News correspondent Charlie Gasparino has become very popular in the adult industry. The Twitter universe has lit up with offers to talk to Gasparino about respective dealings with Manwin.

As part of Fox’s profile on the porn industry, Gasparino last Friday reported the fact that Manwin is in bed with a couple of Wall St. entities, Colbeck Capital and the Fortress Investment Group which have been responsible for securing Manwin a $168M loan.

According to Gasparino, this relationship could become very troublesome, if it’s borne out that Manwin is actively engaged in piracy and trademark infringement. I know that Nate Glass who has been active in combating porn piracy wants a powwow with Gasparino who vowed that he’d keep active on the Manwin story now that certain facts have come to light.

Manwin, of course, has denied that it pirates content.

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