ChristianXXX @ChristianXXX1 #ChristianMichaelWians Can No Longer Get It Up

Viagra gel

Let’s face some facts, 42 is old for porn but it isn’t that old and there should be no reason that Christianx needs to pop pills to make his dick hard. Yes, he is fucking gross, ugly trannies but remember, that is what he is attracted to and what would make him hard if he could get it up drug free. This is more of a question of why doesn’t his equipment work anymore and just how bad is it going to get as he ages? Can Caverject be far behind?


Christian XXX@christianxxx1Viagra costs 25 bucks a pill at home. This shit is the exact same thing in gel form & 200 for 90 dollars #bargain
Natalie Mars@theNatalieMars @christianxxx1 Buy me some, I’ll pay you back. :3

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