Cop Sued For Assaulting Playboy Playmate Sued AGAIN For Allegedly Choking Fellow Officer

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from – NYPD sergeant John Rajan just can’t catch a break. Last year, you may recall, a jury ruled against him in a $1.2 million civil lawsuit filed by a former Playboy Playmate who accused Ragan of assaulting her. Now he’s being sued again for allegedly choking a fellow officer during a wild fight at the Manhattan South anti-crime office HQ. The Daily News has a photo of his combatant’s neck, which still bears a bright red ring from where Rajan allegedly choked him with the necklace that holding his badge.

Luckily for Sgt. Marco Trujillo, his necklace broke, preventing Sgt. Rajan from choking him to death. “He looked insane,” Trujillo, 43, tells The News. “After they were able to get him off me, I was sitting down gasping for air and he (Rajan) started to cry. He attacked me and I’m a police officer. What do you think he’s going to do to the public?” Trujillo is expected to file a $15 million lawsuit.

It’s unclear what provoked Rajan—according to Trujillo, Rajan accused him of “mouthing something about his family.” Trujillo sustained neck and shoulder injuries, and, like Rajan, was stripped of his badge and gun. His lawyer argues that Rajan is the one who should be punished, especially given his allegedly violent track record. “The Police Department was put on notice that he has a propensity for violence, and took no action, Trujillo’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, tells the News.

Indeed, none of this will come as a shock to 1992 Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams [pictured], who was awarded $362,000 after winning a civil lawsuit against the city and Rajan. She says that she was assaulted by Rajan after she got into a dispute with a cab driver, who subsequently called 911 to falsely report that she had a gun. “Expecting to have the police show up and help me, I received just the opposite and ended up being assaulted by members of the NYPD,” Adams told us.

During the trial, Sgt. Rajan testified that he conducted a “controlled drop to the ground” to subdue the centerfold, explaining, “We didn’t know if she had a firearm.” But the jury wasn’t persuaded by that explanation, because Rajan also testified that Adams “was wearing tight-fitting clothing, and there was no place to conceal a weapon.”


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