Crissy Moran: A Fan Threatened to Bash Her Head on Concrete

I figured I could do a review on the documentary After Porn Ends, or take the time to relate some of the compelling stories offered up in Bryce Wagoner’s marvelous documentary about a dozen individuals from the porn industry’s different walks of life.

One thing, I came away from the piece way more lenient towards Crissy Moran’s decision to trash the porn industry once she got out of the business. Moran, whose scenes can still be found all over the tube sites, makes for a very sympathetic character. And, contrary to all those wonderful things performers often say about their fans, Moran saw it through a different set of eyes.

One of her fans was a stalker. This guy couldn’t take no for an answer. It got to the point that he wanted to marry Moran and take her away from her life of sin. When Moran said no, he threatened to kill her cat and that he’d bash her head on concrete and leave her brains dripping on the sidewalk.

Many performers have similar stories. Except they’re too afraid to talk about them.

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