Dahmer’s Final Hour – Video Clip Featuring Folks You Know

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — Alright, this is really an inside video clip, but it was too funny not to post. At KSEX, we have an intern that we like to call “Dahmer.” With his striking resemblance of the serial killer, and his kooky ways, the name seems very appropriate.

Let me set the stage real quick. Last weekend at a BBQ at Brooke Hunter and Don Hollywood’s house, I filmed Dahmer in random settings, enjoying the party. Then I took many of the party guests aside, without telling them the plot of the video or any references to a script and on the spot designated them a role in the movie while asking them for their accounts of experiences with Dahmer.

The funny thing is, most people, without conferring with each other, improvised to the same theme, alleging Dahmer had a fascination with men and animals. I edited some random party comments and shots of Dahmer into the piece and put together this fun little video staring many people you know in the industry.

Again, unless you know Dahmer, it’s probably not as funny, but knowing the cast makes it amusing even if you don’t “get it.”

Dahmer’s Final Hour: The Story of a Man on Death Row – Cast List:

Dahmer – Dale Crawford

Ross Buzzsaw – Gene Ross

Mollie Buzzsaw – Mollie Malone

Father Broderick – Johnny Guitar

Foxy Davenport – Felicia Fox

Freddy Stevens – Steve Seidman

Timbo Prim – Tim Case

Kurt & Betty Klein – Alex and Konnie of DVSX.com

Dr. Brooke Hyman – Brooke Hunter

Dahmer’s Attorney – Don Hollywood

Wankus – Wankus

Voice of Steve Banan – Don Hollywood

Special Appearances by Wankus’ Dogs – Hunter & Sawyer

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