Danny Bonaduce Sues Former Cohort

Los Angeles- Danny Bonaduce on Wednesday sued Los Angeles radio personality Jamie White, his former cohort at 98.7 Star FM, for allegedly slandering him on air while he was in rehab last May.

The former Partridge Family fixture claims White, who still cohosts a morning show for Star, lied about him showing up high for work, and is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from her.

There was no immediate comment from Star or White.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, Bonaduce alleges White made “numerous false and defamatory statements” about him during his stay in a residential drug-treatment center. He quotes her as telling listeners: “I’ve been so patient about all of this crap, you know. I’ve been so freaking patient about and I’ve dealt with it, and I’ve dealt with [Bonaduce] being higher than a kite on this show.”

Bonaduce, 46, asserts he “never was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing his broadcasting duties for the station.”

He also claims White dissed him by claiming that the station couldn’t insure him because of substance abuse issues, that he cursed out his daughter in front of coworkers and that he chose to go into drug treatment because it would make for good TV.

Bonaduce worked for the station for six years before being fired this summer–he was was let go from the station less than a month after returning to the show June 6 after completing rehab.

The backstory for the lawsuit is currently playing out on Breaking Bonaduce, which has become a minor hit for VH1.

Since its debut two weeks ago, the fly-on-the-wall series has Bonaduce’s compulsive behavior juxtaposed with lighthearted moments with his wife and family.

The show has been blasted by some critics, however, for letting cameras roll as the sobriety-challenged actor began using steroids and even tried to commit suicide (off-camera) after an alcohol-fueled meltdown.

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