Diane Duke: Isadore Hall Has It Wrong Again; Duke Continues to Pound Nails In Your Coffin

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Assemblyman Isadore Hall summed it up very neatly in a press release yesterday in which he put it- in a nice way- that Diane Duke and Free Speech are incompetent, dangerous and irresponsible. I think he used the words dangerous and irresponsible. Incompetent is my description.

Duke must know somebody on the national and international levels because she told www.xbiz.com that Hall “Has it all wrong.”

Last time I checked, Hall has the power of life and death over Diane Duke and if authorities wanted to come in right now on Hall’s behest and shut down the industry, they can. Keep on pushing it, Diane.

Put it another way. If Duke walked into a DMV for a license renewal or anything pertaining to a DMV beef, a lowly clerk can make her life very interesting indeed. Now put it on a state level.

Duke remains an arrogant and very stupid woman. She has no credentials in the medical field, but Duke keeps talking about this three-doctor panel. Nobody knows who these guys are, but this three-doctor panel apparently know more than the combined resources of the Center for Disease Control who have said the type of test the industry uses is basically a joke.

“The tests that are utilized in the adult industry are FDA-approved cutting-edge tests,” Duke says in rebuttal. Well, that settles it. I guess the FDA and CDC need to talk more often.

“The window period for this test [HIV RNA Aptima] is seven to 10 days, not three months,” said Duke. “It’s time to roll into the 21st century, Mr Hall.”

By the way, Duke’s fashion sense is strictly 19th century but that would be a cheap shot.

But there ya go, Diane. Your guys know more than the entire federal government and you just proved it.

Duke who’s no scientist herself continues: “As little as Assemblymember Hall knows about science, he knows even less about adult productions. Performers have stated over and over again that they prefer the industry’s test and stop protocols that have proven successful with no transmissions since 2004, and again in this case with all of performers’ set partners testing negative.”

Here’s what I like. Diane Duke who’s from the outside and knows nothing about the adult industry, struts around like an aristocrat and cares little about the performers in the business, but she’s quick to speak on behalf of their wants and needs when it suits her needs.

Like I said. Assemblyman Hall will have the last laugh on the biggest joke in porn. Everyone laughs at you, Diane. Just not to your face.


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