Diane Duke: The Art of Dumbness; Fries with That?

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Here’s an interesting comment from a reader on the Ty Cobb website: “This is your FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. Sometimes there are just no words to describe the stupidity of these people. Seriously. This is the Executive Director of a so called lobbying association who had no clue that AB332 was automatically going into suspense status, so she spent money to have people show up and testify at a hearing where testimony isnt allowed.”


Everyone also seems to forget how Duke on St. Paddy’s day a couple of years ago rustled a bunch of industry do-gooders up to San Francisco to speak at a conference where Stuart Lawley was politicking on behalf of .XXX.

Remember how Duke preached that .XXX would ghetto-ize porn? Remember how Stuart in a simple act of parliamentary procedure kept Duke and company from speaking at the conference? Remember how Lawley later cut a deal with Manwin over the .XXX issue, Manwin, the guys who pay Duke’s salary?

Somewhere in this industry, people are laughing their asses off at Diane Duke. She’s being played for a sap and doesn’t realize it. So you ask why does she continue to head up the Free Speech Coalition instead of being put out to pasture? Because Duke’s stupid and gullible, and that’s what the industry under Manwin needs right now. The consummate yes man.

She might have a title, but Diane Duke is little more than a $150,000 a year order taker at In-N-Out burger.


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