Doing The Right Thing Doesn’t Mean You Support Rob Black

I want to talk to the people that support and donate to Free Speech Coalition and their testing subsidiary PASS.

I just want to know how you can endorse them when they constantly ignore issues that affect our business?

I get that fact that they are all we have right now. I get it.

I guess what I don’t get is why the industry leadership, other than the corrupt entities I’ve laid out, why they don’t intervene. Where is the industry leadership that is not Vivid and Christian Mann and John Stagliano? Is everybody that fucking corrupt?

Take me out. How about this. Take everybody following Rob Black out. We know nobody’s gonna go on the record and say “I follow Rob Black.” I know no one’s gonna put their arm around me and we’re not gonna get together and hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

You’re gonna see subtle things. From Axel Braun going from free for all fuckfests to a healthy work environment at Wicked. You say, “Well, he’s not a Rob Black supporter.” OK, but he was on the other side and he did just go to a side that echoes everything that I support. And Axel is vocal with age limits and things like that. To say he has to suck Rob Black’s cock to support the ideas we have is ludicrous.

When you see all the new openings going up on the Free Speech Coalition board, people are dropping out, that means there is not that much support. You see Manfuck withdrawing their support from PASS and withdrawing support from all facets of the business. If you don’t see that you are fucking blind.

You have a lot of people that are backing out from this industry circle. There’s nobody left that can take that leadership role and say what you’re doing is wrong. For someone who is a leader in this business who is outside that corrupt power structure not to speak up means two things. Either there’s nobody and they’re all corrupt or they’re just fucking scared.

How can grown men and women be scared to do the right thing? Is it because you’re in such a precarious financial position that you’re hanging on by your ass hairs and you’re afraid if you rock the boat you’ll completely capsize it? That’s the only explanation I have that nobody would take charge and voice concern.

I guess the concept is if you’re against Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition or PASS and against what they do that means you’re for Rob Black. If you’re not against Diane Duke and FSC and PASS, does that mean the entire business is for what’s going on? I find that hard to believe.

So you won’t be against them because that automatically makes you a Rob Black supporter? Is that what it’s come down to? If that’s the case, I guess I really am that important in the business, aren’t I?

Is the basic premise that you can’t even speak out against something that you know is wrong because you’re afraid of being labeled a Rob Black supporter because the people who control your purse strings don’t like me? You feel you have to sit and watch crimes being committed because of fear? That makes me sound pretty fucking strong, guys.

When all you people out there say I’m a nobody, a nothing, that makes me sound pretty strong. Most of you know that what’s going on with the infrastructure of our business is wrong. But speaking up about it makes you a Rob Black supporter. Again, I would say that makes me a pretty influential person in the business.

You people can’t stomach the fact that our talent testing system is broken, the governing body of our business is broken, and you can’t even bring yourselves to admit it because of the fear that you would be aligning yourselves with Rob Black and giving me credit. And you can’t fucking stand it. People are so quick to dismiss me, but everything that’s going on is dictated by what I say.

Listen, everybody likes to attack Diane Duke, but Free Speech Coalition has a board, so everybody who sits on that board are responsible for the decisions made. From syphilis to hepatitis C, every single person who sits on that board is responsible.

The people in the business are like poor hillbilly Republicans who vote against their own self interests instead of speaking up because you don’t want to say something that Rob Black might have said. Guns and religion baby. Republicans and their guns and religion.

Free Speech Coalition has to cover their asses from a liability standpoint, since that entire board makes decisions and they are the ones who have let hepatitis C run rampant. Look at who sits on that board. They are all cool with hepatitis C and syphilis.

It is just amazing that all of you will do nothing out of fear that you will be aligned with Rob Black. And you say I’m not powerful. You will sit there and let things happen that you know are wrong because Frank Koretsky or Steven Hirsch will blacklist you.

At what point do you sell your principles for a shekel?

I know you all think that talent are just hookers and lowlifes. I get it. But without them, you have nothing to make money from. You would think that you would at least want to protect your investments.

How about this. You all know about the poker parties and such. Everyone likes to hang out with porn chicks. Been going on for years. You all know it. You all like to get blown without rubbers, you all like to fuck without rubbers. Wouldn’t it behoove you to make sure they’re healthy and clean?

How about your wives? How about that? How about your fucking wives? How about your family not having to have Daddy come home with the fucking drips? How about not having to stay away from your wife for a week and a half while the medicine you got from Bobbi at Cutting Edge Testing does its thing?

I know you all think they’re all hooker slobs. I know you all think they’re nothing but Sunset Boulevard whores who think they’re stars because someone points a camera at them. But they are still your investment.

You all like to say I am a non factor. But if you don’t do the right thing for fear of reprisal you are a weak, pathetic piece of shit. How do you look at yourselves in the mirror? You should be ashamed to kiss your kids at night. You have no morals or scruples.

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you support Rob Black. I am going on record and letting you off the hook. If you look around and don’t like the way things are run and you speak up, it doesn’t mean you support Rob Black.

You’re not supporting Rob Black if you do the right thing.

I absolve you. Bitches.

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