DUI Mindy Lawton reveals romps in Tiger’s garage and tells of ‘desperate’ sex in church car park

But Mindy Lawton didn’t tell News of the World of her DUI arrest in the TMZ story that follows this one:

from www.newsoftheworld.co.uk – SEX-MAD Tiger Woods had an affair with a busty waitress while his model wife was PREGNANT, the News of the World can reveal.

Mindy Lawton told how the golf superstar loved frantic sex.

“Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we’d made love,” she said. “He really did like it quite rough.

“He wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex. He also liked me to talk dirty to him, but hair-pulling was what really turned him on.”

Mindy said she fell in love with Woods but soon found out he only wanted one thing from her.

She said: “I realise now all he wanted me for was sex. The only time he would call was when he wanted it.

“Tiger just used me as his sex toy. I thought I meant something to him, but all he cared about was lust. He is a selfish, heartless man.”

Mindy, 33, becomes the NINTH girl linked with the world’s richest sportsman as he displayed all the hallmarks of a sex addiction. In an exclusive interview the brunette revealed Woods:

DEMANDED instant, urgent sex when they met up.

ROMPED in five different rooms at his mansion and even in a church car park.

SENT explicit text messages ahead of their sex sessions.

URGED her to wear saucy undies in his favourite colour, red.

TOOK his wife to Mindy’s restaurant.

Woods, 33, is already battling to save his marriage to Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren, 29, after allegations of affairs with eight other women emerged following his mysterious car crash last week.

But Mindy’s confession to sex in the marital home while pregnant Elin was away is the star’s most shocking betrayal yet.

Mindy told us: “All Tiger cared about was getting me into bed.

“He had an urge and I satisfied it. There was very little emotion from his side although I fell for him.

“He has a very strong sex drive and knows his way around the bedroom. On a scale of ten I would give him 12.

“If it was early in the morning and Tiger was going away for a tournament he would call me up for quick, urgent sex and I was happy to oblige.

” It was a thrill to be the secret lover of such a famous star. In front of TV cameras he acts shy and professional, but away from that he is very macho, cocky and has a huge eye for the ladies.”

from www.tmz.com – It’s hard to tell one alleged Tiger Woods mistress apart from the next — so we’ll just call Mindy Lawton “the one with the felony DWI arrest.”

Lawton — who told News of the World all sorts of alleged sex details about Woods — was involved in a car accident last January. According to the police report, she rear-ended one car, which then smacked into another.

She was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor — DWI causing serious bodily injury and DWI causing damage to property ($5,000 to one car, $4,000 to the other).

Law enforcement sources tell us they gave Lawton a blood test and she had a BAC of .187 — easily twice the legal limit.

Lawton is due in court early next year.

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