Erotic University Needs Volunteers

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — Erotic University, which presents online and live sexuality classes in Los Angeles, has declared October “National Orgasm Month.” As Erotic University president Jeff Booth points out, it is a natural fit, as “October is the only month with a big O in it.”

To help celebrate National Orgasm Month, Erotic University will be host to two attempts to set orgasm related world records.

On October 19th, Erotic University is hosting Pleasure Sunday at their
downtown campus, where the record breaking attempts will be made. The
first attempt will be by “Professor Pleasure,” Ken X. Ken is staging the
worlds largest simultaneous orgasm in order to promote his newest self
hypnosis pleasure CD, “A Girls Best Friend,” available through He will be teaching a group of female volunteers his
“touchless orgasm” technique. The goal is to give the women such a level
of control of their sexual enjoyment that they will be able to climax on

Women interested in learning this technique and participating in this
record breaking attempt are invited to contact Jeff Booth at
[email protected]

The second attempt will involve several participants who will attempt to
beat the standing record of 134 sequential orgasms, recorded by Doctors
William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian at the Center for Marital and Sexual
Studies in Long Beach, California. Participants include Dr. O, who has
developed techniques to teach women how to achieve multiple orgasms.

Both Dr. O and Ken X will be teaching orgasm related classes at Erotic
University during the month of October. A complete schedule of classes
can be found on the Web site. Other upcoming classes
include Swinging 101, Introduction to Tantra, What Really Happened in the
Garden of Eden: What the Bible has to say about sex, Sex Toys Master
Class, Mastering Fellatio, Pole Dancing, and our popular Robert Dante
series on bondage and discipline.

This event will be open to the public, and features exhibits, vendors,
entertainment, demonstrations of adult products designed to promote
orgasm, the opportunity to speak with top experts on the subject
including several notable PhD’s as well as Erotic University instructors
and adult stars, an erotic art gallery featuring top erotic artists, and
a tour of the 30,000 square foot facility which also houses Entertanium
Studios. Entertanium has been called the largest adult studio in the
world and has been the location used by many of the top adult video

For more information on attending the Pleasure Sunday event or participating as a vendor, exhibitor, or entertainer, visit the Web site. For interviews with Ken X or Erotic University President Jeff Booth, call (818) 342-7566.


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