Facialabuse.com: Charlie Ann Details Shooting Conditions on GFY.com; The Company Responds: We Were Being Played the Entire Time

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A female performer [it appears to be Charlie Ann] posts on www.gfy.com – This past Wednesday I was flown to New York to do a shoot for Facialabuse.com. I had been conversing with Donnie, or Duke Skywalker, as he calls himself for about a month, and felt like I had developed a friendship with him via Twitter.

We also exchanged texts via phone for some time, where I’d decided upon his description, that I wanted to shoot for him for Facialabuse.com. Donnie told me that the videos were not as bad as they look and that no one actually was hurt or injured during their videos, although, to anyone unknowing, these videos are quite violent in appearance.

Donnie promised me that nothing was mandatory, including the puking, and that even Gina Lynn shot for them, so the shit talking about their site was all bullshit, according to him. He also told me they would be putting me in a hotel and picking me up and returning me to the airport.

Now I had heard far different from porn girls, far, far different. Girls have been scarred emotionally from shooting for Donnie’s company, and would never shoot for him again. Donnie promised they were all liars and full of shit, and told me I had nothing to worry about. Remember folks, a lot of sites depict violent sex, but in fact, aren’t harming anyone in any way. Even bdsm sites!

So the booking guy, Ernie, calls me to book my flight, very rude guy, and books it for 7am, to arrive in Laguardia at 5pm. Now one would assume companies would put girls in a hotel for the night and shoot the next morning, but not Facialabuse.com.

I arrived at the ” studio” at 9:30pm, to be shown my “dressing room”, which was a 3 stall bathroom with 1 electric outlet, and told by Ernie to hurry up and get ready because “we” were running late. Oh, I’m sorry, when you say we, that makes it sound like I am included, and I’m most certainly not the reason YOUR driver got me there late.

I’d been on a plane for around 8 hours so like anyone, I wanted to shower. I was informed they only have 5 minutes of hot water, and shown the closet that holds a bathtub with no shower curtain, and took a 2 minute shower just to wash my body. Now it’s time to get ready, which I’m also rushed to do again, and then yay time to suck some dick.

Starting the paperwork, I notice a few odd things in the contract, “I agree not to sue for permanent bodily harm or injury” and a few other things that were not the normal porn protocol, and then onto the even stranger section, “do you have any scars?”

Now I’m thinking what the fucking fuck? Why does it matter if I have any scars? Why is that of importance? Then there’s a checklist of things I will permit them to do to me in the shoot, odd, yes, but trudging onward! I was booked for boy/boy/girl anal, my first anal shoot, and my first boy/boy/girl shoot, and a “simple bj”, $1800 was my pay rate.

Got to the bottom of the checklist, fish hooking and fingers down my throat? No thanks! But wait, then I was told by Ernie that these things were mandatory and he’d need to go talk to Donnie about me not wanting to allow them.

Alright, he’d get back to me, so then I’m asked to say a bunch of shit on camera, that I know the shoot is meant to portray rough face fucking and I’m ok with that, sure, now, Ernie asks me if I’m aware that the shoot may hurt me, make me uncomfortable, and not feel good.

I’m thinking in my head, what the fuck? No I’m not ok with them hurting me, are you fucking kidding me? So he explains that they mean when I’m slapped in the face, it might sting, and if I’m cool with that. I tell him yes, but I’m not ok with any other pain. Donnie never told me anything would hurt me in the shoot, so this all caught me way off guard.

I was then explained to about the break and timeout policy. The timeout policy was already explained to me by Donnie in texts before I’d even been booked, I was told I could say, “timeout” if I needed a break from the face fucking, or if I ever needed a few minutes of rest.

Ernie explained this much differently, timeout was only to be called out or hand motioned if I couldn’t handle any more and it would cancel the entire shoot with no pay for me. I could take breaks, but, “the shoot will go by much quicker if you don’t take breaks”.

All porn girls understand that taking breaks means the guys lose erections and it takes a toll on the performance, so this is not fun for us, nor is being warned that calling timeout cancels the entire shoot, it’s scary a company would even have a policy like that.

Yada yada, then comes the explanation of the Spermsuckers.com shoot, which I’d only watched one preview of, with Tanner Mayes, and figured the cum in a cup was just because it was Tanner Mayes! Again, Donnie never explained anything was mandatory.

Spermsuckers.com requires MANDATORY, absolutely have to do it, that the blow job ends in cum in your mouth, and you must spit the cum into a martini glass, drink it, spit it back into the glass, drink it, spit it back into the glass, drink it, spit it back into the glass, then finally, swallow it.

Now, if you know me, you know how much I love swallowing, but this is nowhere near the same as cum straight from the tap. Amateurallure.com uses a metal spoon to spoon feed you the 2nd load, and it is cold, thick, repulsive jizz at that temperature. I cannot even imagine how repulsive the Spermsuckers.com method is, and again, I was never told that was required, so I refused to do it.

Oh God was that a big ordeal or what? Now Ernie has to go call Donnie again, renegotiate my rate, remember folks, I was doing a boy/boy/girl anal shoot and “simple bj” shoot for $1800.

This is when it starts pissing me off, Ernie comes back in and tells me that since I won’t do the Spermsuckers.com scene, we’d have to lower my rate to $1200. No fucking way am I doing a boy/boy/girl anal scene for $1200, this was my first of both of those things and no fucking way.

He goes and calls Donnie again, comes back and says that we’d have to change it to a hand job and boy/boy/girl vaginal, asks me what rate I’d want for that, I told him $1200, and he told me no way on earth would they pay me $1200. He offered me $700, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? I felt like I was in a horror film, basically, I was signing paperwork to agree to be raped, and now they wanted to pay me girl/girl rate?

The entire shoot was then cancelled, and at this point I walked to the “dressing room” to cry and call my roommate and tell him what happened. I was left for about 45 minutes, I’m sure in hopes that I’d cave and decide to do the shoot for $700, but I’m not a caving kind of girl.

I was left to sit and wait at almost midnight, for them to attempt to call some crack whores to see if they’d come replace me. By the way, Red and Bootleg were very nice to me the entire time, and so was Paul, aka Justin Beaver. Finally, Paul and I leave, and I’m assuming he’s taking me to the hotel that I was supposed to be staying in. Boy was I in for a fucking treat!

I’m informed that I’m not staying in a hotel, that Paul was supposed to take me back to the airport, like the “original plan” was in the first place!

Yes, you heard that right, people, Facialabuse.com was going to “fuck me up” as Donnie’s friend John Obyrne said to Paul in a text earlier that night, until 3am or later, and then drop me back off at the airport for my 11am flight back to LA.

John Obyrne had tried to book me for this shoot and another boy/girl anal shoot for $1000, that I turned him down for. He’d insulted me on the phone telling me that I wasn’t going to get paid any more than Dannica Dillon did for her same scene, because, “no offense, Charlie Ann, but she’s a wayyyyyy bigger name than you, and Donnie must have a thing for you if he’d pay you more.”

I guess me turning him down pissed him off, so he was texting Paul calling me gross and stuck up and a bitch on the way to the shoot earlier, and told Paul that he hopes they, “fuck me up really good” because I deserve it.

I decided I’m not fucking sleeping in another airport, so I spend the last of my money, $180, on a room at Comfort Inn by Laguardi. Paul and I fuck, and then he leaves me in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping next to him to find my own ride to the airport in the morning. Thank God for free airport shuttle service at the hotel or I would have been fucked.

I don’t know Red or Bootleg very well, but they both seemed like really nice guys, especially Bootleg. I now know that Donnie was lying to me the entire time I thought we were friends, and I texted him at the airport, pissed, asking why they’d do that shit to me. I was then blamed for the entire thing, told that sleeping in airports is “part of traveling”, and that I’m a “problem” and that’s why they didn’t shoot me, and why I don’t get booked by other companies.

Dear porn girls,

Please don’t shoot for Facialabuse.com or any of their other sites. Duke Skywalker is a lying son of a bitch, and they will hurt you for the sake of their website.

Don’t sign your name to an agreement to be raped and injured, it’s not worth the money or emotional distress. I myself was a non-believer of these girls claiming Facialabuse.com fucked not only their body up, but their emotions and mental health, but I promise you, everything negative you hear about them is true.

I know not all of you are strong enough to turn a paycheck that large down, but I wish you could feel the emotional distress they have caused the rest of us. Know that I am looking out for you, I am putting my porn reputation on the line to warn you about this bullshit of a website and company. Don’t do it.

Donnie aka Dukeskywalker responds: Charlie Ann [pictured] never even filmed for us. She & spoke but I did not know she was also talking to one of our meat puppets Paul at the same time. She was very eager to get in which I found surprising. She showed up, and my director went over everthing we talked about.

She got all razzed up & left. Then, at the hotel we put her up in, Paul shows up. He fucks her, & leaves while she is sleeping. I got wind of this a few weeks later. Apparently, this was her plan as she & Paul have been talking for weeks. This story is a smoke screen so I wouldn’t call her out for what she did, & I never did until now. Needless to say I fired Paul. Does this story make more sense now?

Dukeskywalker adds: What I’m saying is she [Charlie Ann] never wanted to shoot in the first place & used us for a flight to get in by that guy paul.

He is notorius for doing this stuff. The negotions didnt fall through. She met us with intransigence at every angle. Then she started complaining how our release form has a section where we mark down pre existing scars & tattoos incase her identificaton is ever disputed.

It’s a standard release for our attorney. She just flipped at that. She was only here to be with paul (clearly as he does the spermsuckers scene which was the first, so why did he hang around).

I didn’t know we were being played the entire time. That’s the story. We flew her in & flew her back out. Even if what she was saying was true, it’s clear she was under no intimidation or duress. Of course it isn’t true. I just seriously don’t know why you don’t beleive me. Duly noted. But I am telling the truth.

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