Final: Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice Continues His Fight Against The State of Washington

While other sites continue to plant gin blossoms in their blog gardens, we deliver the real news in the adult industry.

COLFAX, WA – Porn actor Jack Venice aka Christopher Jack Reid is serving more than nine years in prison following his conviction of raping a woman at a Washington State University sorority.

Under the sentence he received two years ago in Whitman County Superior Court, Reid will be eligible for parole in 2020. If he’s released on parole he’ll remain on probation for the rest of his life.

Reid was convicted in October of 2011 of second-degree rape and three burglary counts. Reid told the court he was sorry for what happened to the victim but maintains his innocence. His lawyer plans an appeal.

Prosecutors say Reid and a WSU student got drunk and broke into several sororities in search of women to co-star in sex videos.

I followed Reid’s arrest and trial scrupulously and it has always been my opinion that he was made the fall guy because he was in the porn industry

Here’s the update in Reid’s case: Reid’s attorney Ronnie Rucker called judge David Frazier of the Whitman County Superior Court in November. Reid brought a motion to continue under state statute RCW 10.73.170 ordering a DNA testing. Reid is asking that a cheek swab be performed on the victim’s boyfriend.

According to court findings, the victim was administered a vaginal swab after the alleged incident and those samples weren’t able to tie Reid to the case. On the other hand, a DNA test was never administered to the boyfriend of the victim. Would you believe, the state didn’t find it relevant enough!! Accordingly, attorney Rucker has been in contact with the victim’s boyfriend who refuses to have the test done.

To this day Reid contends that he wasn’t at the crime scene. In Reid’s argument, the boyfriend had been DNA tested but somehow those samples mysteriously disappeared. Reid claims there’s a UPS tracking number to prove that the lab indeed received those samples. What also adds weight to Reid’s case, at least in my estimation, is that the victim couldn’t tell the court whether there had been digital or penile penetration since the room was dark and she had been drinking.

Also what turns this case squirrelly is the fact that the victim identified someone else other than Reid from a photo lineup. Reid’s original counsel was never made privy to that information. In any event, Judge Frazier is allowing Reid to proceed with independent DNA testing.

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