Final: How Come PAW or Free Speech isn’t Helping Lucas Stone? Know your role, marks and fanboys, Says Rob Black

With Rob Black some times you have to spend a little time in purgatory to get to heaven.

Black was going to make a strong point in his show Tuesday afternoon, but you had to get through a story about enrapt lawyers, porn wives who like to spend their husband’s money but have a loathing for the business, Steve Hirsch being a lousy father to Ginger Lynn’s son, and John Stagliano being compared to Monsanto.

Then it got good because the story got around to Bill Margold, Lucas Stone, Lisa Ann and why PAW hasn’t lifted a finger to help Stone who suffered a stroke and with Lisa Ann trying to raise money to help him.

I know. This isn’t nearly as important as Myla Sinanaj being pals with Farrah Abraham and in the next Celebrity sex tape to be released by Vivid.

First, Black tore into porn marks who basically sneak into the front door of porn because some industry goofball allowed them access.

“Then, oh Jeezus, you instantly become the Pope of Porn Valley,” said Black.

“Anyone who puts up a website that’s made one nickel from this business you think that you now are in the adult business.

“None of you people are in the business. Just because you put up a website and made a $1,000 doesn’t mean you’re in the adult business. Dirtbag biker wives become porn stars. Any yahoo loser who videotapes themselves with a girl and puts up a $9.95 website and you put that clip up, you are now a producer/director.

“How the fuck does that happen? That’s like a guy getting in a car, driving fast and giving out business cards that he’s a race car driver.

“I’m completely perplexed by fanboys and marks who think they’re in the business because some asshole got off thinking they were important,” said Black.

“How many porn girls date a civilian guy and, within four months, that guy’s worked himself into the industry and is partying. Asshole, you were a civilian asshole who got played and is a punk bitch and you’re now part of the industry.

“You’re a bitch. Now you guys are in the business because one of the girls had you carry her bag at Exxxotica and now you’re a driver and go to porn parties.

“You are the dog shit that is not even picked up and good enough to be thrown away. You’re such a mark that you don’t even see it, and you like to be abused because you’re a bitch.

“You’re making hobby money, and now you’re an authority and expert? Fanboys sit in their house and dream about living through us. Maybe a low end dog shit porn girl will fuck them. In wrestling we piss on guys like this. Know your role, marks. You’re a mark.

“You drive the cars for the girls; you carry their bags you wish you were us; you ask us what it’s like to fuck Traci Lords. You ask stuff that is the stupidest shit in the fucking world. If you’ve written some free review, you’re now a reviewer; you’re a piece of dog shit. You don’t even know the history of the business you profess to write about. That’s the best part.”

Black went on to talk about an email I received recently that criticized me for printing “rubbish” from the “piece of shit” Rob Black and using “derogatory” headlines describing Bill Margold. The only headline I can think of is where Margold’s called a lunatic by Black.

“In our business those who put their asses out there and write letters, their letters sound more retarded because they don’t know what they’re talking about,” Black continued.

“Marks, hello, McFly, keyboard warriors, Philly marks. Stooges, anybody that thinks Gene Ross is being manipulated by the dark overlord are complete losers. To write him an email saying horrible things is one thing, but thinking he’s a babe in the woods, it makes all of us laugh.

“Guess the mark-fan loser boy doesn’t live in Los Angeles and no one will talk to you because you’re a mark-loser – two losers- you and Margold- sucking each other’s pee pee. It’s amazing. He’s confused why a talented man like Gene would print rubbish from Rob Black.

“How about the fact that Gene Ross is on my server. While you’re on the east coast with a 78 year-old biker wife, Gene Ross was knocked off the server by pieces of human shit from the business and he worked with Tom Byron to get the site back up.

“Now that we got you unconfused, retard, you’re saying Bill Margold has done more for the industry than Rob Black will ever do.

“East coat mark-retard, tell me what Bill Margold has done for the business except going in front of the Meese Commission and saying that we will destroy ourselves. He has PAW. Tell me what PAW has done for anybody.

“Bill Margold went on Rona Barrett and said ‘I want to fuck my kid.’ East Coast fanboy-retard tell me what Bill Margold has done for this industry.

“Last I checked, we’re the only federal case on record that has an obscenity decision on the books ruled by a federal judge that he found the obscenity laws unconstitutional. This was printed in lawbooks across the land.

“Bill Margold- Sharon Mitchell didn’t create AIM- so Margold created AIM this piece of shit garbage – the company that couldn’t have proper security measures, the company that went out of business. Awesome and PAW hasn’t helped one individual.

“Hey, retard, what award winning movie has Margold directed? East Coast retard, if you were in the business and respect the awards process, count the awards I’ve won and the awards Bill Margold has won. I just told you about my court case that is in law books.

“Bill Margold a C-grade actor who fucks pinatas just tweets every day about me. Biker dude, you are an example of all the keyboard warrior bullshit that it is out there.

“Hey Mark-boy, I’m part of the reason this industry is fractured and in a sad state of affairs? But Seymore Butts said I’m a nobody. Bill Margold said I would combust.

“I flunked out of porn and am not successful, even though I’m nominated for three 2013 Nightmoves award. But I’m a non-factor nobody. But according to this mogul, I’m the reason the industry is what it is.

“I’m the reason Marcus has syphilis and Bill Margold supported him. I’m the reason Manwin has destroyed the business. I’m the reason John Stagliano doesn’t inform any performers that he’s HIV positive.

“I guess it’s my fault that Stagliano does what Monsanto does. Hep testing is my fault too; the outbreak is my fault. And I’m the cancer destroying the business while Bill Margold is trying to save it and pave the way?

“Back up what you’re saying. Tell me who Bill Margold has saved? You keyboard jerkoff warrior, why don’t you and PAW and the Free Speech Coalition help Lucas Stone. Bill Margold, call Lisa Ann so you can help Lucas Stone.

“He had a stroke and Lisa Ann is trying to get money to help him. Lisa Ann, you need to call Bill Margold and the east coast fanboy loser bitch because they’re going to help Lucas Stone.

“Since Rob Black is a nobody do-nothing cancer, I don’t hear you and Bill Margold tweeting about Lucas Stone. Bill Margold tweets about me and he can’t put a tweet out and help somebody like Lucas Stone? Lucas Stone needs help. Is Free Speech helping him? Is the industry helping him? No.

“This poor bastard- in a nice way- he’s got a stroke, and he’s got Lisa Ann shilling for him. Where the fuck is PAW? AVN, why don’t you set up a fund.

“I’m talking about advocacy for performers’ right. A guy [Stone] who has won awards over three years, I think if there was a UAWA, fund set up he wouldn’t be worrying about his medical bills because he would have the UAWA to help him.

“Bill Margold, where’s your fucking money? Why is it Lisa Ann is setting up a donation fund at

“If there was a UAWA in place this would never happen. Where the fuck is PAW protecting the girls that are not told that John Stagliano is HIV positive? Where is PAW protecting Lylith Lavey?

“I’m going to wait every day until you can tell me how I’m the cancer and created the Manwin phenom. Maybe Jules Jordan took them in, but I don’t know. The email means this guy is so fucking retarded and that he’s a psychotic fanboy. Someone who has these delusional thoughts are psychotic. Someone who believes the shit Bill Margold says and writes a letter like this is psychotic.

“Psychosis is screaming from this email. Talk about a soccer fanboy. If our system works and the family takes care of itself, why does Lucas Stone sit in the hospital and needs Lisa Ann to shill for him?

“PAW was set up to help Lucas, Free Speech, every aspect of the powers that be, you’d think would take care of an award-winning actor.”

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