Final: Rob Black Says Kayden Kross Affidavit Proves This Business is a Lie

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In a court affidavit on the Measure B lawsuit, Kayden Kross this week declared she didn’t have enough money. Kross said she couldn’t afford to shoot outside of LA County for her website content because of the condom mandate.

Rob Black on his Tuesday afternoon show, did the math and proved that Kross with her fan following either lied under oath, or, if she didn’t, that the entire business is projecting an image of economic stability and well being that simply doesn’t exist.

This took Black into a conversation about Twitter followers, assuming the huge numbers like those boasted by porn performers can be translated to real dollars.

“You should be able to draw 3 to 5% on all those Twitter followers,” said Black.

“That’s how you gauge what your return is. In the age of social media we’ve been programmed to believe that if you have 100,000 followers, it means you have 100,000 customers. No. Technically, you’re supposed to bring back so many buyers.”

Speaking from his own experience, Black said, “In the mail order business you supposedly get a 2% return. So we should have millionaires in our midst. Like Kayden Kross- she’s saying condom laws have hurt her business.

“This is supposed to be a multi-millionaire porn actress. But she’s worried about gas money? [Kross actually said that in her affidavit.]

“If she’s got 100,000 Twitter followers every month, she should have to hit 2,000 fans and tell them, ‘I need all my fans to kick in a dollar every month to help pay gas so I can have condomless porn.’

“Kayden Kross is married to Manuel Ferrara. In a real marriage you share your assets. Shit, Manuel Ferrara, that motherfucker’s got to have billions. Between their billions, I can’t imagine how driving a car and the burden of gas is a make or break situation for porn.

“Kayden’s got more money than God and she should be able to throw her crew members a bone. I can’t see why that is a problem. [Kross has 173,000 purported Twitter followers.]

“Even 1% of them should be paid buyers of her content,” Black mused.

So with all that potential revenue can you tell me why girls are doing privates?” Black asked.

“If I had 1,000 customers every month, I’d be a billionare with that girl. We would have everything known to man with a 1,000 loyal customers in my back pocket. Ten bucks a month- $10,000 would be awesome. And the fan base is going to keep rising through the roof. Between Kayden and Manuel [33,000 followers], their followers- oh my God. You’re talking about fucking billions.

“But the business is predicated on foundations of lies and bullshit,” says Black in more realistic tones.

“Yet it’s necessary for Kayden Kross to have to toe this line of bullshit [about condoms]. Why do you have to do that? You should be worth millions. You guys should be able to get 3 or 4 percent return on your fan base.

“Why are you toeing the line of Manwin and Steve Hirsch? I don’t get it. I don’t understand why you can’t draw 3% on your fan base and create a porn empire that doesn’t revolve around any of the evil bastards that are destroying it.

“Twitter followers and AVN press amounts to bullshit,” Black concluded.

“That’s the only other explanation. If Manuel Ferrara, Kayden Kross, Digital Playground, if this whole group has hundreds of thousands of fans, why do they put themselves in a position where they are liars and cheats?

“Why, if they have a fan base and people who can support their own entity? Why does Kayden Kross have to complain in an affidavit that she doesn’t have gas money to drive outside LA jurisdiction?

“This crop of people in business- everything is predicated on lies, deception, deceit and endangerment. That’s what this business is predicated on now.

“Kayden Kross under oath is saying she’s broke and has no money. And I’m shit on because I’m telling you these people are scumbags. Kayden Kross in an affidavit is saying she can’t afford to spend money on gas- when a girl has to say that, and she’s the most popular girl in the business and is married to the most popular guy – there should be no reason she shouldn’t have extra money for crew members for gas.

“With that return on her fan base, she should have millions. Otherwise, everything is a fucking lie and every top girl is a lie, and every studio is a lie, and the people that are creating it is a lie.

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