Former AVNer Carly Milne excites students with lecture

Missouri – from – “Yes! I finally get to learn about sex!” said one of the raffle winners, walking back with his prize – a free copy of “Sexography” by Canadian-born Carly Milne.

While Milne definitely talked about sex in her Nov. 3 discussion in the Academic Auditorium, which was sponsored by Student Activities Council and attracted high amounts of both males and females, that wasn’t the only thing she discussed.

“I wish we had been able to get drinks first before I go into the intimate details of my sex life,” Milne said. And from there it just got more hilarous – and serious as well.

She described her experiences, including overcoming sexual assault at age 7, sexual abuse from 8 to thirteen, and then rape at fifteen, held hostage by a man who stalked and kidnapped her for thirteen hours, only to face her friends’ disbeliefs because the man was ‘hot’ and wouldn’t do something like that.

After the 3 experiences, she became extremely depressed because of the accusations, leading to an additional rape at sixteen at a drunken party she didn’t remember but the guy remembered. She got herpes at the ripe old age of sixteen. “I lost my virginity and faked an orgasm at the same time,” she said amidst audience laughter.

For an hour, she detailed more of her sexual exploits and life story. Despite disheartening abandonments, Milne was hardly a victim of circumstance. “All of these circumstances simply helped me in my sexual exploration,” Milne said.

That sexual exploration, bred from her past abuse, led her to porn, masturbating, and a decrepit marriage that porn eventually ended. Milne took a job as a writer for a porn company, saying, “No, I didn’t do any porn pictures, though I did once when I was just a teenager. It was quite awkward but didn’t really bother me. But in the porn industry hardcore, I simply did the interviews.”

Milne mostly described her sexual experiences and why they happened to her, how they affected her career choice, and eventually her entire life. She talked about everything related to sexuality she endured, from watching porn to wondering if she were homosexual, especially when she finally realized that men did not have everything together as she was taught to believe and assumed her entire life. She also realized she was desperately seeking female relationships, but not in a sexual way. She sought friendship. She finally understood sex did not equal relationships.

Milne detailed a phone-sex affair and how that ended with her shirtless as the guy stalked off saying she’d get over not having sex with him. “I did,” she said, laughing.

Milne explained about her many broken relationships and how they always left her feeling lonely. Eventually she was drawn into the porn industry, becoming an editor of porn tapes. That affected every area of her sexuality, and hurt her marriage as well. Not that she had much of a marriage. Her husband watched porn all the time. When she wouldn’t have sex with him, he used porn. She was disgusted by it, and eventually divorced him for his excess porn use.

Still, Milne felt stronger from her sexual life. “I hope that exploration never ends for me or any of the students. That’s why I came to Southeast – to encourage students in their own safe explorations of their sexuality,” Milne said.

“I learned a lot from it. I was surprised by the turnout. The auditorium was half full, but some people left. I guess it made them uncomfortable. I was fine,” Southeast student Amanda Parker said.

“She did a good job,” Southeast student Bryan Cook said amidst the standing ovation and the loud cheering at the end.

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