Former Playmates say strip club fight wasn’t their fault

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Ohio, CARLISLE TWP. — from – A fight that broke out at ’80s Nite at the Brass Pole started because the strippers were mad over Vicki Satterfield’s wardrobe choice, said Satterfield, a former Brass Pole dancer who was charged with assault over Saturday’s incident.

Police were called to the Brass Pole, at 639 Oberlin-Elyria Road, at 2:21 a.m. Saturday for a large fight at the club.

Surveillance video from the Brass Pole shows Vicki Satterfield, 28, of the 100 block of Cascade Street in Elyria, start a fight with another woman, with the two throwing objects at one another around 2:20 a.m., according to a sheriff’s report.

“The altercation then turned physical with at least six dancers, all of which appeared to be mutual combatants,” the report said.

Although sheriff’s deputies arrested and charged Vicki and Sarah Satterfield with assault, Vicki Satterfield said she and her sister are the victims, and she called police after they felt threatened when other employees at the club attacked them. She said she believed the fight started over her wardrobe choice on “80s Nite” at the club and over comments she and her sister made earlier.

“All the other girls wore aerobics clothes, and we were dressed glamorous, like Madonna,” she said. “I don’t think they liked our attire.”

Sarah Satterfield said they also made a comment that “the best thing to come out of the ’80s was the triplets,” which she believed fueled the fight.

Vicki and Sarah Satterfield are two of three Lorain County triplets who appeared in Playboy magazine’s “Playmates of 2007.” In 2007, Vicki Satterfield called the opportunity “a dream come true” for the three.

Vicki Satterfield said she and her sisters have not done any other work with the magazine, nor do they have any plans with Playboy in the future. She and Sarah have worked at various Lorain County strip clubs and bikini bars since their Playboy stint.

Vicki Satterfield said she and her sister quit working at the Brass Pole four months ago, but after they were asked to come back several times by the management, they decided to work a few nights a week.

Sarah Satterfield said club manager Melissa Anderson also asked the girls to work Friday night for a “pudding wrestling” event, but they refused.

“We told her we don’t wrestle, we’re too pretty, and I think that made her mad,” she said.

According to the sheriff’s report, Anderson tried to remove Vicki Satterfield from the club when Satterfield became irate, throwing beer bottles and other items at the wall. Anderson told police, after escorting both women out of the club, the women attacked her.

Vicki Satterfield said she did not start the fight with Anderson but was defending herself.

The incident started in the dressing room as she was getting ready to leave, Vicki Satterfield said. She said one of the women came into the room and said, “(expletive), I’m gonna beat your (expletive).”

She said Anderson then pushed her and a fight broke out, with Sarah Satterfield jumping in to help defend her. She said she called police and tried to leave the club after other dancers got involved in the fight.

Vicki Satterfield said Anderson attacked her, unprovoked, after kicking them out of the club. She said Anderson yelled at her to, “Get the (expletive) out of here now,” and started choking her while she was waiting for her sister to leave the club.

Police said, when questioning Vicki Satterfield, she said, “Yeah, I might have punched that (expletive) first,” and later at Lorain County Jail, said, “I’ll kill that (expletive),” referring to Anderson.

Vicki Satterfield said she was drunk Saturday night and didn’t remember making that comment.

The bartender at the Brass Pole told police Vicki Satterfield grabbed her, and she and Sarah attacked Anderson. She said at no time did Anderson provoke or attack the Satterfields, according to a sheriff’s report.

Anderson declined to comment Monday.

It wasn’t the first time Vicki and her sister Sarah have had a run-in with law enforcement.

In December 2007, Vicki Satterfield pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge for allegations that she swung at an Elyria police officer near the former Club 57. Police said the argument stemmed over Satterfield arguing with staff about what she was paid.

She was fined and ordered to complete community service.

In 2010, Sarah Satterfield pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct charges after a raid at bikini bar Chrissy’s Lounge. Police said Satterfield and three other dancers exposed themselves and touched patrons at the bar.

But Vicki Satterfield insists the fight at the Brass Pole was not her fault, and she and her sister were simply trying to defend themselves. She said they both believed they were in danger Saturday.

“I just really don’t know what happened. … I’ve worked with these girls for a while, and I thought they were my friends,” she said.

Vicki and Sarah Satterfield were arraigned Monday in Elyria Municipal Court, where they each entered a plea of not guilty. They were ordered to have no contact with Anderson and are scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 13.

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