Friday Will Be Open Season on Talent; Peter Acworth disputing Cameron Bay’s workmen’s comp claim

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The Daily Mail, The LA Weekly, the LA Daily News, the LA Times they all must be asleep at the wheel because some of the most significant things to come out of the HIV story and Tuesday’s press conference where Cameron Bay spoke are not being reported. And no one from the mainstream media has even reported about Sofia Delgado, at least by name, though that’s been common knowledge for awhile

Rob Black fills in the blanks:

“Friday is the end of a fictitious moratorium that Christian Mann and John Stagliano do not follow,” Rob Black pointed out

“And the Aids Healthcare Foundation held a press conference. I told you about things that were coming down. The reality is what I’m telling everybody is the truth and facts.

“It seems like all the stories I’ve been telling you are proven to be true. The press conference was available to everybody. It was nothing people were specially invited to like it was a Star Wars premier.

“They wanted as many people to listen to the story that I’ve been telling you. I told everybody I was in deep communication with Cameron Bay. I called her within a day of her positive diagnosis up to 7:30 this morning. I told you that Cameron was not some wackadoo nut job that fell out of the sky with some little HIV birdie.

“She was a performer and one of our own. She is an adult performer that is like every other girl that we all know including producers and directors playing that push you to the edge game where you would get blacklisted.

“Then she experienced a ‘pleasuresome’ shoot. Like any soldier in our military who does what they’re told and they are a warrior, those soldiers every year die. In our industry our performers are very similar to warriors except these warriors don’t have health insurance, they have no safeguards, they have nothing that protects them from going into battle against you name it- HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis the list goes on and on.

“These soldiers have nothing except a piece of paper going into the killing fields of war. You’re in their naked, all alone and by yourself. Cam knew what it was like to be physically assaulted where she had to go to the emergency ward. That alone should explain everything about that scene which smelled like HIV.

“I talked about how Xander Corvus was face fucking Cameron to the point of her eyes bugging out her head. His penis got sliced on the back of her teeth. Blood was just pouring out. I can’t imagine in any way shape or form this is not any type of risk.

“Cameron went into great length in talking about an incident [at the conference] I repeated here. And people seem to sweep it under the rug and say Rob Black is a liar and Cameron Bay is a liar.

“Cameron Bay has now gone on public record. With all the posturing that Diane Duke and Christian Mann do with spreading and telling you lies, they forget this is not a bunch of people on a website typing or Christian Mann calling people and telling them not to advertise.

“What Christian Mann, John Stagliano, and Diane Duke don’t understand, these aren’t people on a blog site typing he said, she said. Cameron Bay is now involved with lawyers and city officials.

“I told you that when Cameron Bay was going through her diagnosis she got the information on her illness from John Stagliano who informed her of her viral load and diagnosis. John Stagliano had no business, no right, he had nothing whatsoever of authority to know her records or talk to Cameron about this.

“I told you this was wrong and why John Stagliano needs to be in prison especially for what he did to Katie Summers- this all mounts to a criminal pattern. I’ve been asked how would a trained professional like Dr. Miao talk to John Stagliano.

“Everybody acts like this is the UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Miao is nothing more than a weed doctor who’s been in cahoots with the Free Speech bullshit money train. I don’t care what degree this guy says he has. There is no way, no how that Dr. Miao is anything more than a graduate of mail order or an online wackadoo doctor college that credited him with authority.”

Black again pointed to the insidious link between Peter Acworth, and John Stagliano.

“Evil Angel is intertwined with Peter Acworth,” Black noted.

“Now we have an HIV outbreak that starts on a set. Cameron Bay is an ATMLA girl, an agency owned by Mark Schechter. You have an intricate train of people who have a vested interest that Cameron Bay shut her mouth, disappear and say nothing bad about the industry.

“Cameron Bay was contacted by numerous people to shut up and not talk to Rob Black to the point where Peter Acworth said if she needs anything, call him. How about the fact you’re disputing her workmen’s comp claim? Peter Acworth, you are an amazing man. You dispute workmen’s comp claims then call them up. You infect people with HIV then call them up. If there’s anything you need- how about can you eradicate this disease for me.

“So why would Dr. Miao a UCLA board specialist consult with John Stagliano about Cameron Bay. Well, let’s trace this again. Cameron Bay was not being notified of anything, then, out of the blue, John Stagliano called her about her viral load and that he was surprised Dr. Miao gave her information.

“He buttered her up and made her feel good and he was going to call a doctor he knows who’s going to do the thing that has to be done. You saw how that went. So John Stagliano sits on the phone with Cameron Bay and explains her viral load is in the millions that it’s amazing.

“John Stagliano is like, wow, he’s a scientist and Cameron said he was excited judging by the inflection in his voice. ‘It’s so rich!! I haven’t seen anything like this.’ That’s how excited he was. He was speechless with this girl. This is the guy that was so excited. If you need anything, call me. What, dance in the mirror and play with your nipples? You got a girl dying in Arizona and nobody gives a shit.

“Cameron Bay is just like every other girl who was lied to, manipulated and almost fucking buried. If it wasn’t for the fact that a couple of people from her family and me that were helping her get through what was going on- sometimes that inner strength you find is from two or three people, and no one from the industry has been there for her.

“Brad Armstrong, nope. Jessica Drake, nope. Nobody. Now Cameron Bay tells this story that John Stagliano is telling her HIV is acceptable and manageable. Why is John Stagliano calling her?

[Black might have forgotten that during one of his broadcasts weeks ago he urged Stagliano to do so.]

“The fact that he still performs and has sex with girls- if you are that stupid to question that- are we now clear on the whole John Stagliano/Peter Acworth/Christian Mann connection. Are we all clear, guys? Cameron Bay sat there for days not knowing what was going on, and you get a call from John Stagliano? That’s the call you get?

“I can’t fathom that Cameron Bay has made up this elaborate story about John Stagliano and invented this fantasy in her head that she got a call out of the blue. Christian Mann somehow made all of that up? When I reported it, it was dismissed. Now it’s on record, and there’s city officials and lawyers involved. Can we get to John Stagliano being a lying, cheating criminal?

“This is someone who’s a respected member of this community, sits on boards and is owner of the largest studio and he would hide his medical status. If given a choice, a person would say no [to working with him] and that would ruin the fun. This is the man that called Cameron Bay.

“This is a man who is a sex criminal. He started three or four years ago and here this guy has medical information. How many people did John Stagliano tell? This is pathetic but I guess these are all lies, too?

“Like John Stagliano being able to trick the test. I guess I lied about that. I guess the amount of misinformation I tell you is pretty staggering. What’s staggering is all the bullshit everybody else feeds you.

“We have people now being punched in the face that John Stagliano is a piece of shit criminal, and they can’t deal with the fact that their hero is the biggest scoundrel piece of shit.

“Cameron Bay hasn’t even talked to a doctor and she’s being told about her disease by John Stagliano who’s weak in the knees with excitement. And this is acceptable to every industry leader who will follow Christian Mann, John Stagliano and Diane Duke into the pit of hell.

“And that’s where they’re going, with Peter Acworth, doing blow bangs with Hitler every day on the hour doing Hell Public Disgrace as John Wayne Gacy gives them a reach around.

“We have young people in this business dying because of you, Diane Duke. This press conference shows our business does nothing to help the performers and destroys the lives of every adult performer, and they will create a stack of bodies to climb to the next high shelf to stack up their hundred dollar bills while Cameron Bay sits on a set with a mouthful of blood and a disfigured breast.

“How’s that, man? And what does the industry do, they take the press conference and distort it. Tonight, we will play snippets of the press conference so we can talk more about it.

“It’s unbelievably puzzling, troubling when you hear what is going on and you hear that Patrick Stone works for Kink and the fact that Diane Duke and Free Speech know that he’s positive.

“He’s not been contacted, nothing. How do you deal with this? How do you deal with the fact that Angel/Free Speech Coalition/Christian Mann are saying that Rod Daily knowingly worked with HIV positive people.

“He didn’t say that. For people to sit there and say the guy for seven years worked with HIV performers is ludicrous. That is on bullshit spin cycle and the industry is trying to grab something out of the press conference that’s not there. Fact is Rod Daily, was never HIV positive. He had a test to prove it up to the window of the Kink era. Rod Daily has not been HIV. Rod Daily tested positive in the window span along with Cameron Bay. That is a fact.

“You have people that are dealing with your lives like it’s poker. They are sitting there playing games with your lives. And they’re doubling down, throwing HIV and syphilis in the pot. I showed you the syphilis letter Diane Duke is hiding. Mr. Marcus infected countless people and it was covered up, but we have the doctor Miao notes to prove it, the same doctor who gave John Stagliano Cameron Bay’s viral loads. This group of thieves, thugs and scoundrels sit at the table and deal out your lives.

“Friday the moratorium is lifted the same moratorium John Stagliano’s employees work through. I guess John Stagliano, Evil Angel, Christian Mann, Manwin, Cutting Edge, I guess- Bobby and your daughter Jen, I’m asking you to resign from Cutting Edge and talk to lawyers. You will be granted full immunity.

“Explain the procedures, how it works dating back to the Sharon Mitchell days. I’m pleading with you to help us save lives. Nothing will happen to you. I know Jen is very familiar with the federal system. You guys will be heroes and part of a change that needs to happen. I’m saying come forward with everything you know. Let’s put an end to this. Enough is enough.

“Bobbie from Cutting Edge, talk to the authorities with everything you know. Let’s do that dating back ten years. Let’s finally bury this dead animal we call the Free Speech Coalition and this dead beast that’s been draining talent of millions of dollars for decades. Let’s bury it. It’s a dead animal that we’ve paraded around and hung on the wall. But it’s time to clean the house and get rid of the dead animals and start something new.

“It’s done. People are going to be going to go to prison! I am asking you Bobbie and Jen, stand with us. You are nothing more than the pawns that we all are. The people that control you are not good people. They are looking to hurt you. You need to come forward and tell us everything you know about these sonsofbitches. We cannot let another day ago when these people play poker with our lives. We cannot let another day go.

“In two days a moratorium will be lifted and it will be open season on talent once again. Friday is hunting season and the prey and the game will be you.

“Cameron Bay is my hero and somebody we can look up to,” Black concluded.

“With her we change the system that is in place. She is my hero and is somebody we need to look up to. It takes a life changing disease to make somebody a hero.”

Black said the industry united needs to march down Covello street to the doors of Evil Angel and demand change.


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