From AEE: Open wide! A dentist makes oral sex a little safer with The Blowguard

from – “I am a real, live practicing dentist,” says Dr. Joe, before asking “How explicit can I be?”

Go for it, Dr. Joe.

“I came up with this product. It is a medical-grade, pthalate- (allergen) free, indestructible, one-size-fits-all silicone product that fits over the lower teeth to enhance oral sex.”

He’s talking about the Blowguard — imagine an athletic mouthguard, or a nightguard — with a little something extra: a tiny, yet powerful, removable mini-vibrator.

Dr. Joe was another of the many entreporneurial innovators introducing new pleasure-enhancing products at the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo.

The Blowguard, which retails for $27.95, can be used on a man or a woman, explains Dr. Joe, who prefers not to use his last name — he’s a children’s dentist in Florida.

I’ll let Dr. Joe explain how it works: “If you use it on a man, it goes on the lower teeth. When he goes in, and slides in and out, it vibrates the bottom part and offers a smoother feeling. And then, he can put it in his mouth on the upper teeth, and go down on her!”

Some Blowguard models come with a bristly little white doohickey attached — apparently a stimulator of some sort.

As a practicing dentist aware of oral hygiene, I’m sure Dr. Joe neglected to recommend buying separate his-and-hers Blowguards out of sheer excitement about his product.

The Blowguard could be a godsend for those with sharp or otherwise wonky teeth, who are refraining from going there out of fear of embarrassment (or injuring someone).

“Forget it!” says Dr. Joe. “Just cover ’em up, so if you give a blowjob, you won’t have to worry about nicking your boyfriend.”

That’s sort of how Blowguard came to be: “This lady came in (for a consultation) with fake teeth, and we had to make her a new set of teeth,” says Dr. Joe. “Her dentures moved a little bit. So we made her a nightguard. She went home and gave her boyfriend a blowjob, and she reported back to me that he loved it.”

He makes a point of saying Blowguard is not a medical or dental advice, which means he didn’t have to deal with the FDA.

Final note: Perhaps because of the recession, there was a notable lack of swag at AEE this year, but Dr. Joe’s Blowguard booth offered free toothbrushes, branded, and individually wrapped for your protection.

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