From the AdultFYI Football Pool Files: Chad Ochocinco Condoms: No. 85 Has You Covered

No. 85 in the huddle but No. 1 on your dick.

from – In addition to being one of the league’s best wide receivers, Chad Ochocinco is also an entrepreneur. The latest proof: during HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this summer, he made reference to developing prophylactics. And on Friday he revealed the prototypes via Twitter.

Or, at the very least, the prototype of the box they will be shipped in. Probably goes without saying but just in case: not safe for work image after the jump.

For me, the most offensive thing about the packaging aren’t the catchphrases, it’s Ochcocinco’s grinning mug, complete with Panama Jack hat, staring blankly at would-be users. Nothing sets the mood with your ladyfriend like reaching for a condom and having No. 85 smirking back at you. (Although, to be fair, if you’ve been reduced to Ochocinco birth control you probably deserve what you get.)

All that’s missing is a Travis Henry endorsement.

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