From the Mainstream Really Loves Us Dept.: Pornhub Ad Rejected for The Super Bowl; *See the Ad

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from – An elderly couple sits on a bench overlooking a snowy park. The woman looks up at her partner, lovingly, and he returns the glance with a grin. The piano music swells, and they go back to observing the park. This is, of course, an ad for porn.

The ad, submitted by popular porno purveyor Pornhub to run in this year’s Super Bowl, was rejected by CBS and won’t run. Not for any xxxtreme content, obviously; it’s more that it would be an ad that directed millions and millions of happy football-viewing families to a hardcore porno site with animated bodily everythings right there on its landing page.

Still, the ad is pretty damn cute and charmingly subversive. Pornhub’s got a poll up to see if users think it should air, but it’s probably gotten its money’s worth already. And given us the most adorable porn promotion ever in the process.

*Here’s the ad:

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