GM Graham Travis is the Go Between in Elegant Angel Divorce Rift

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The Grand Vizier’s back, active in the field, and sends me the following dispatch: “Here’s an update to the Patrick Collins divorce story from yesterday

“Elegant Angel’s GM Graham Travis [pictured] is the mediator in the Collins divorce proceeding. It was getting so bad with lawyers that Cindy Collins, aka Nicole Lace, is now talking to Graham instead of attorneys.

“Graham is going back and forth with Cindy and Pat on how not to destroy the company. Graham, who’s from England, is director Mason’s ex-husband.

“Back in the day, Graham interviewed with Patrick when Collins was all fucked up on whatever it was, and was all but ready to hire Bullwinkle the Moose as the company GM. That’s how bad his condition was.

“Cindy Collins was with Patrick Collins from the beginning when he was still with Evil Angel.”

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