Gregg Dodson Owner Of Help You Booker Teams Up With Shy Love

Low level pimp, Gregg Dodson is now helping book girls for Shy Love from The Vip Connect.

Gregg has a secret section on his website that Shy Love has access to and uses that to facilitate the privates between her girls and his agency.

Gregg also works with hooker Trinity St Clair. They claim they will take over the escort game but the girls they book are bottom feeders.

John’s should be wary as several of Gregg’s and Shy’s girls are not even cleared to shoot mush less bareback John’s. So ask yourself this, if a girl isn’t cleared to shoot porn, what STD will she be passing on?

Beyond the problem with STD’s,  Gregg Dodson is well known for blackmailing clients and the girls he works with. Would you like him to call your wife or your boss and try and out you for booking a hooker through him? That’s exactly what has happened to more than a few of his clients.




  1. Gregg, Shy and Trinity outed several girls real names and family members in a effort to get girls to jump ship to another agency. Blackmail doesn’t seem to far off with these nuts

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