Hospital Technician Infected Dozens with Hep C; Will Receive 30 to 40 Years

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New Hampshire- from – David Kwiatkowski was a hospital technician who worked at the facilities on a temporary basis. While doing so he infected dozens of patients with hepatitis C.

Kwiatkowski injected himself with drugs meant for hospital patients. He refilled the contaminated syringes with saline solution and administered the infected solution to those patients.

He was arrested in 2012 for stealing painkiller syringes from the cardiac catheterization lab of Exeter hospital in New Hampshire, and using them on himself.

In a plea agreement, he will receive 30 to 40 years for 14 charges of federal drug theft and tampering charges. He could have received as many as 98 years.

32 patients were infected in New Hampshire, seven in Maryland, six in Kansas, and one in Pennsylvania. Kwiatkowski worked in 18 hospitals in seven states. One of the infected patients in Kansas had died from causes related to Hepatitis C.

Kwiatkowski admitted that he had been diagnosed with the virus in 2010, but continued to knowingly infect others.

Asked if anyone helped him divert drugs in Exeter, Kwiatkowski said: “It was all me.” He then added: “And I’m going to kill a lot of people out of this,” the plea agreement states. Asked to clarify his comment, he replied: “I’m killing a lot of people.”

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