Hot to Trot Teach Accused of Sexually Abusing Lucky Student 20 Years Ago

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from – A former sex education instructor and classroom teacher at The Pike School in Andover is accused of sexually abusing and raping a male student from 1990 to 1993.

Judith Elefante, then known as Judith Chapell, is accused of engaging in sexual activity with minor students who attended The Pike School starting in the early 1980s and continuing through at least 1994.

Elefante was a ninth grade homeroom teacher, an eighth and ninth grade Latin teacher, a history teacher, an adviser, a secondary school counselor, and a sex education instructor.

A lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court in Suffolk County on Wednesday alleges Elefante used her position and her authority as a teacher to identify and to groom potential victims.

The unnamed plaintiff claims Elefante groomed and sexually assaulted him from 1992 to 1993. The plaintiff was only 15 years old when the alleged abuse began. He claims Elefante preyed on his weaknesses and gave him gifts, extra attention, and affection.

The alleged abuse continued when the plaintiff went on to The Groton School in Groton. Elefante reportedly went to the plaintiff’s football games, even away games, and convinced the football coach to let the victim ride back with her, so that they could engage in sexual acts.

As a result of the alleged abuse, the plaintiff’s grades suffered and he dropped out of The Groton School. He graduated from Andover High School even though he skipped out on numerous classes in order to meet with Elefante.

The lawsuit also names 14 other defendants, including the headmaster of The Pike School, the headmaster of The Groton School, the football coach at Groton, and dorm heads at Groton, as defendants because they did nothing to stop the inappropriate behavior or the alleged abuse.

Attorneys for the plaintiff submitted letters, cartoons, notes, and cards from the defendant to the minor as evidence.

The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damage for the alleged abused caused by Elefante and the inaction of The Pike School.

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