Hot to Trot Teach Arrested for DUI Offered Cop Oral Sex in Exchange for Her Release

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from – A Palm Beach County middle school teacher who was charged with DUI allegedly offered sexual favors to a police officer in exchange for letting her go.

Mary Maloney, 53, a 7th grade math teacher at Palm Springs Middle, was arrested Sunday by Greenacres police after a report of a hit-and-run crash at Purdy Lane and Jog Road.

“How much do I need to pay you to just let me go? Don’t you understand I am a school teacher?” Maloney allegedly said to the police officer driving her to the jail.

The Lake Worth woman then allegedly offered the officer oral sex and invited him to grope her breasts, according to the arrest report.

Greenacres police on Sunday evening were called to Trafalgar Square after witnesseses saw a hit-and-run collission involving a white Dodge van with heavy front end damage, and another vehicle. The witnesses followed the van until Maloney stopped and parked, according to the report.

Police arrived and Maloney was taken to a patrol car for questioning.

An officer saw an empty gallon jug of Carlo Rossi wine inside the van.

The arresting officer reported that when he made contact with Maloney, who was already in the back the a patrol car, he “immediately smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her person.” He also noted that her eyes were bloodshot, glassy and only partially open.

Maloney allegedly cursed and refused field sobriety tests. “She began to yell and make random vulgar statements,” the officer wrote. “Her speech was so slurred I could hardly understand what she was saying.”

It was during the ride to jail that she offered the sexual favor, which added a bribery of a public servant charge to those of DUI, leaving the scene of a crash with damage, resisting an officer without violence and driving with a suspended license.

Maloney has a prior DUI conviction from 2009, according to the arrest report.

The school district confirmed her position, but offered no other comment.

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