Hot to Trot Teach Facing Felony Charges for Having Sex with Lucky Student in Classroom

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from – A New Mexico high school teacher is facing felony charges accused of having sex with a student in her classroom during school hours.

Jennifer Vigil, 31, was arrested Tuesday on two counts of rape.

Santa Fe County sheriff’s detectives said the Pojoaque School District called them after rumors starting circulating that Vigil was having a sexual relationship with one of her students.

Detectives said the teacher and student had sex twice, and at least one incident was photographed by the student.

Maj. Ken Johnson said Vigil claimed the sex was consensual, but the student has a different story.

“He’s claiming he was forced into the situation,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the teen told detectives the first time it happened he was turning in an assignment after school when he says Vigil locked the door.

He told detectives she mentioned she was having martial problems and said.

“You’re not leaving until I get something from you,” he alleges she said.

The student claims he told her “no” but then agreed to allow her to perform a sexual act on him so he could leave.

Then he took out his cell phone camera and snapped a picture.

“It’s pretty incriminating,” Johnson said.

Detectives said Vigil claims it was the student, who is 18, that asked for sexual favors.

She said it happened during lunch moments after her morning class cleared out and that it lasted 10-to-15 minutes.

Johnson said even though the student is technically an adult, and even though Vigil claims it was consensual, it doesn’t matter.

“They need be aware regardless on whether it’s consensual, a teacher-student situation, that it is wrong. That it’s against the law,” Johnson said.

The Pojoaque district said immediately after finding out about the allegation Vigil was put on paid leave.

Detectives said they’re interviewing other students at the school as part of the investigation.

They’re also trying to determine if there are any allegations that the teacher had sex with the student before he turned 18.

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