Hot to Trot Teach Violates Parole: On the Lam with Another Lucky Student

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from – BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A woman who went to prison for having sexual relations with one of her students has vanished.

Convicted sex offender Cara Dickey is on the run and parole officers suspect she has a new victim. The former South Buffalo Charter School teacher, who confessed to having a sexual relationship and suicide pact with a 14-year-old student in 2009, removed her electronic ankle bracelet, and disappeared sometime Wednesday.

Not long ago, parole received information that Dickey is involved with another underage boy. Dickey had been out on parole since February 29, 2012, and living in the Back to Basics Ministries’ halfway house in Buffalo. Until now, she had never violated her parole.

Sheila Mashtaire, who lives nearby, told News 4’s Rachel Kingston she had often seen the woman she knew as “Caris” around the neighborhood.

“She seemed like a pretty nice person. She was quiet, never really bothered anybody. She was very friendly to us, actually,” Mashtaire recalled. “I’d see her on the street, up around the corner at the bus stop; she’d say hi.”

Mashtaire didn’t know “Caris” was Cara Dickey, or that she had been convicted of two counts of rape, for her involvement with her former student.

“That’s not good. Not a good situation. I have a 15-year-old son,” said Mashtaire. “That’s totally wrong.”

Dickey isn’t responding to parole officers’ attempts to contact her. They have a warrant out for her arrest.

Corrections officials won’t say much about the underage boy she is suspected of being involved with now.

Department of Corrections Spokesman Peter Cutler said, “There is an allegation of that, and we are aware of it. I can’t get into a lot of detail about that, other than to say that there has been an allegation, you’re correct. And that’s part of the process that we’re going to try to determine, once we get her back into custody.”

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