If It Can Happen to Cameron Bay, It Can Happen to Anyone

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Who’s next? C’mon you’ve thought about it ever since the news of Cameron Bay broke this week.

Bay tested negative July 27th. She worked for Kink.com July 31st. She does no other scenes, and learned in her next test that she’s HIV positive.

Kind of narrows it down to where she might have gotten it. Except Diane Duke will tell you there was no transmission of HIV on set in Bay’s case. Diane Duke is telling you that because she and Free Speech stand to get their asses sued off for liability.

As far as Kink? Let’s look at behind the scenes. Cameron Bay’s off screen boyfriend is Rod Daily [pictured]. Rod Daily is a crossover performer and if you go to www.roddaily.com/en you can see him playing slappy man ass with a bunch of guys.

Daily spent most of his career as a contract star for a gay company called Next Door Studios. Throughout that career Daily has been very clean and safe. When his contract ended, he went to work for Kink.com and that’s where the fun begins.

Kink.com employs a number of crossover guys and mixes them in scenes with trannies and straight performers like Cameron Bay. No condoms are used. In the gay industry condoms are de rigueur. At Kink.com, particularly Gay Kink, heavens no. Crossover performers are used all the time. Crossover performer Wolf Hudson, of the 50 Man Anal Cream Pie Gangbang fame, is a regular at Kink.

Look at the girls from the porn industry who work there- Chanel Preston Penny Pax, Aiden Star and Sarah Shevon all Speigler girls. [You may also remember Pax and Shevon from the Richard Nanula scandal.]

These female performers are Kink regulars who work with crossover Kink guys.

Then you have the John Stagliano princess Francesca Le who works with trannies and crossovers simultaneously. www.tsseduction.com/site/shoot/30900-TS-THREESOME-SEDUCING-and-FUCKING-THE-BLACKMAILING-COLLEGE-DEAN.html?c=1

Unsafe? hell yeah. Remember, this is a John Stagliano star director who apparently finds working on the wild side just as provocative as her scalawag employer. Oh, did I tell you the story about Francesca Le and the Corey Feldman parties? Remind me sometime. It’s very Richard Nanula. You’ll like it.

So is Cameron Bay any different from these girls? I don’t think so. Nobody rips the sainted Asa Akira or Chanel Preston, and I bet all this Francesca Le-stuff is news to you.

While we’re at it, Christian Wilde, not to be confused with Christian XXX, the A-Rod of crossovers, works a lot for Kink.com and does gay, strait and TS scenes. Lest I forget, he’s a staple over at Men.com. But he’s one of the in-house favorites at Kink as well.

You’ll find scenes of him fucking Penny Pax and he also does gangbangs with James Deen, John Strong and Mr. Pete.

The air is just bubbling with the BUG. And where it will land next, you can bet will be a lot sooner than the wait of nine years from the last time.

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