Industry’s Good Intentions Turn to Hamburger Thanks to Diane Duke

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It’s pretty obvious by now who Diane Duke and the No on Proposition B Boys favor in this election.

It’s not freedom of choice. It’s Mr. Marcus. If you’ll recall the Marcus press conference in August- the one that only AVN and XBiz were invited to – Duke and FSC board member Christian Mann made a big deal of how they were supporting Marcus, citing his bravery I think it was. True it takes a lot of bravery to fake a syphilis test and put the health of your fellow performers at risk.

It stands to reason that if Duke & Co. support Marcus, they don’t support the rest of the talent in the business. Sides have been taken and battle lines drawn, thanks to a revealing article in the LA Weekly

The Weekly piece points to the fact that someone, be it James Lee or whoever, tipped Marcus a $2500 “honorarium” [the polite way of saying bribe] to be on their side in the condom issue. Lee even admitted it. So isn’t having Marcus on board of that argument like asking Judas Iscariot to endorse the silver standard?

Here’s what I don’t get. The article went on to say that Marcus was offered “tens of thousands of dollars” by AHF to sensationalize his syphilis tests. Don’t worry that’s already been done.

But if you’re in a bidding war, don’t you usually try to outbid your opponent, not low ball ‘em by $7500? AHF claims they made no such approach to Marcus but they have a history of doing that.

The fact that this comes in the wake of the Hamburger Mary’s fund raiser only shows how the industry do-gooders have once again been played for saps. In my mind, Hamburger Mary’s has become Typhoid Mary, a symbol of disease and plague, and you owe it all to Duke.

After all, someone had to put back $2500 bucks in the slush fund, and it was whoever came out for that event.

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