Is Mercedes Carrera a Hypocrite?

Mercedes Carrera is very outspoken about liberals, feminists, and a huge supporter for Veterans. The thing that bothers me about her, and it’s bothered me for a while, is her affiliation with Sean “the American Success Story” Tompkins. Carrera is one of the most high in demand porn hookers and she witnesses daily how Tompkins bullies and harasses people, especially female performers like Bobbi Dylan here recently. Carrera remains silent despite her outspoken political views. Carrera was at one time, I’m not sure do she still is, a contributor to TRPWL, that’s when stalker/cyber-bully/coward Cindi Speigler was still around.

For a good while, Carrera has witnessed how Tompkins bullies and harasses people along with his side-kick, failed porn actress and wannabe porn Star Grace Evangeline and the stalker/bully/coward Cindi Speigler. Carrera needs to be called out on this bullshit because everyone in the industry opposes bullying, yet people like Carrera remains silent when Tompkins does it.

So the question is, is Mercedes Carrera a hypocrite? Her associate, Mercedes Ashley, is a hypocrite who also witnesses Tompkins bullying of people, yet remains silent on it! Ashley is ghetto trash like Tompkins anyway.




  1. I seriously doubt that Mercedes Carrera will ever address this. She’s lost all credibility in my opinion. I had great respect for her with what she stands for when it comes to Veterans and stuff, but her remaining silent about Tompkins bullying is what makes me question her.

  2. First of all what do you expect Mercedes Ashely to do about Tompkins? Mercedes Ashley is pure filth and completely ghetto. You put her on a pedestal if you expect a scumbag like her to stand up to Tompkins. She is trash, end of story.

    As for Carrera, if she is still contributing to TFPWL, she’s got no credibility anyways. Worthless tabloid site. She has also fucked Christianx and is friends with him so her credibility takes a huge hit there. If she’s just trying to stay out of things and stay neutral by not saying anything to Tompkins, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Tompkins is an out of control animal, I don’t see how she could stop his shit.

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