Is Octomom Facing for a Loan Shark Company? 650% Interest Rates Says This Report

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from – She’s tried her hand at porn, acting, modelling, stripping, singing and just about everything else she can think of to earn some much-needed cash.

And now that she has managed to get herself out of bankruptcy and even off welfare, it seems Octomom Nadya Suleman believes this qualifies her to be a financial adviser.

The mother-of-14 has appeared in a commercial promoting a cash-lending site that connects users to cash lenders with the idea of getting up to $1,000 instantly.

As the ad tells viewers: ‘OctoLoan is a trusted source that connects you to cash lenders nationwide when you need a short term loan fast.’

Suleman is said to have signed a five-figure endorsement deal with the ‘Octoloan’ site.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Octomom – who once paid $500 for a haircut when she was on welfare – would be one of the least qualified people to advise on monetary matters – and with a 650 per cent interest rate, you may not be far wrong.

But it seems the people of Octoloan believe Suleman’s financial woes make her fully qualified for the role.

The commercial says: ‘If anyone knows financial hardship Nadya does. This is why she has decided to endorse our service OctoLoan which connects you directly to a lender when you need money quickly.’

The site states: ‘Representative annual percentage rate APR on a 14-day, $100 loan would be 651.79%.’

Suleman made her stripping debut on Friday 13th July and was showered with dollar bills as she came out on stage at The Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Miami.

For her first dance, she wore an Eyes Wide Shut-inspired PVC ensemble of mask, thigh-high boots, corset, bra and pants, while carrying a riding crop.

She then removed her outfit to the sound’s of Rihanna’s S&M, ending up in just her boots and knickers.

Her new career choices have obviously been lucrative, as the formerly-broke mother recently declared she was off welfare and is financially stable.

The 37-year-old told E! News: ‘I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities that have come my way and I am finally in a stable situation. I will keep working as much as I can to take care of my children.’

Her representative confirmed: ‘Yes, Nadya has been off welfare for a month now. Her financial situation has changed dramatically in the past few months and between her endorsements, movie and appearances she is financially stable for the first time.

‘She will not be doing anymore stripping appearances as she only did it to promote the release of her DVD.

‘Nadya has several adult-bookstore appearances scheduled to promote her movie Octomom Home Alone. She also has her new single set to release in August, Get On The Dance Floor, and she will be performing her single in clubs.’

It’s a good thing she is utilizing her skills elsewhere as she received a lot of criticism after her stripping debut as she struggled to maintain a sense of rhythm.

One fellow dancer told the Miami Herald newspaper: ‘She’s really stiff .Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night. We’re going to get extra tips.’

At one point, a fellow stripper had to help her remove her gloves as she struggled to remove the clingy PVC material.

Apparently the West Park club ended up attracting 400 customers – twice as many punters as usual.

As well as the chance to pay $200 for a private one-to-one dance from the mother-of-14, customers could also buy ‘I saw Octomom naked at the Playhouse South’ T-shirts.

Nadya was apparently paid $5,000 for two 12-minute sets, not including tips and then $10-a-time for autographs.

Punters who wanted their photos taken with the burgeoning adult entertainment star had to pay $25.

The club owner Greg Louis said it had been a great coup for the club to secure Nadya’s performance: ‘The phone’s been ringing off the hook. Several people asked me if it was really Octomom or just an impersonator.’

Nadya was originally set to perform at rival club T’s Lounge, but cancelled after the manageress reportedly made negative comments about the single mother.

T’s Lounge failed in a legal battle to ban her appearance after a Florida judge threw out the case on Thursday.

Nadya’s stripping role comes two months after she made a solo porn film Octomom: Uncovered.

In April, she reportedly filed for bankruptcy after running up to $1million in debts.

Octomom leaped to fame in 2009 when it was revealed she conceived octuplets through in vitro fertilisation (IVF), despite having six other children, no job and no partner to support her.

Despite her racy ventures, Nadya insists she has turned to God and will remain celibate until her children turn 18.

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